770 Questions
Rosa C.
Does it give good coverage?
Misty S.
Best under eye concealer, I use IT Cosmetics, but is there a better one?
Lauren R.
Hey! What is the best under eye cream that brightens for someone with really dark circles? Picture for reference 🤣
Kaitlyn T.
In Dire Need Of A New Concealer. What’s Your Favourite? 🤍
Sarah R.
I haven’t tried this but I want to try because my mom tried it on in store and didn’t need a colour corrector it completely covered up her undereye circles… Would you say you don’t need colour corrector for dark circles when using this product ?!? (Light-medium skin tone) I would love to simplify my routine and if I can skip colour corrector that would be great 🙌🏽
Francesca M.
Qual è il vostro correttore preferito per occhiaie ? Uno davvero coprente !
Tristy R.
What's the best under eye concealer for 40+ women? Are there any dupes for Bye Bye under eye with a smaller price tag?
Ali C.
What is the best under eye concealer?
Retina L.
Do you think this is to heavy for aged under eyes with wrinkles and crows feet?
Maryna B.