22 Questions
Emma M.
I want an Isle of Paradise product? What is the best for a fair-medium skin colour?
Sarah R.
Does this go on evenly? Or does it leave splotches?
Alexandria J.
I have this product in the light medium but I don’t believe it’s doing the trick. I’m darker but not what I was expecting. I haven’t been left with streaks/noticeable lines. How well does the dark develop on a lighter skin tone?
Diana P.
Does this product spray evenly? How long does it last?
Isabella R.
LooKing for a new self tanner, I’ve been using Jergens but lately it has been making my legs really itchy. Will this do the same? How much does it transfer? Is it dark enough? Can I use it on my face?
Courtney S.
How well does this work? Does it leave steaks or spots when it starts to fade?
Amber W.
Is this better than the drops?
Kalyn P.
Does this transfer to sheets? Tanologist is also clear and ended up transferring on my sheets. :(
Alex E.
Is this streaky? Last long?
Alessia I.
How long does the tan last?