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Isle of Dogs Everyday Grooming Spray Silky Coat
Isle Of Dogs

Isle of Dogs Everyday Grooming Spray Silky Coat


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It’s like doggy deodorant. Whenever he isn’t smelling his best and I don’t have time to bath him, I spritz him and brush it through. Love it! Not sure if it helps with tangles but I still recommend it!
Smells amazing. Makes the fur soft and adds healthy shine. Keeps my dogs hair manageable.
Isle of Dogs is one of the best pet grooming products my dog has ever used. I start his grooming routine with the Isle of the Dogs “Clean Coating Shampoo” to clear all the dirty, then I follow with the “Silky Coating Shampoo” and finally I apply the “Silky Coating Conditioner” and leave on for a couple of minutes while I give him a little massage. I finish him with the “Silky Coating Brush Spray” and my dog becomes a SSSSHNACK for a couple of days! The amount of product is also great (for a small dog) each bottle lasts at least 8-10 months. A couple of sprays after blow dry or between grooming days and you’re dog will smell like heaven for a while! I groom him every 15 days.[product:isle-of-dogs-everyday-grooming-spray-silky-coat]