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  • "Waiting for my ipsy bag to come in every month is what i live on, the bags are always so adorable and i have never received a product i didn't like or didn't use!" in 629 reviews
  • "The ipsy bags are so cute and getting full sized products are definitely something that I look forward to especially being only $10 a month!" in 490 reviews
  • "its amazing for the price you pay and the nail polishes are always amazing...some product arent as good so i never end up using them otherwise if youre a person who likes discovering new products u shud consider subscribing to ipsy " in 293 reviews
  • "I love IPSY ..You go on IPSY's website and take a quick little test..So your makeup bag is fit for your skin tone, your style, what type of items you would like in the bag and every month for just $10.00, (there's no hidden fees, No cancelation fees), You get a different themed Cosmetic bag, With the worth being way more than $10.00." in 227 reviews
  • "It's overall a bag with great variety and is great for making yourself try new things you would never otherwise try (recently I got some dry shampoo...would never buy it otherwise but I love it now)." in 219 reviews
Melissa G.
515 reviews
Pop Culture Expert Level 1
I signed up for ipsy last month. I shared a link to my facebook newsfeed, also to twitter and sent a message to 3 of my friends. This made me jump off of the waiting list to receiving it the next month, which will of course be this month. I havent gotten my bag yet, it may very well be in my mail box because i see others have already gotten theirs. I have looked at the app and saw what I'm getting. I also saw what others are getting. I saw today that those who have gotten what I will get have put reviews up. I really like that I can look at the profiles of people who have posted reviews to see what kind of skin they have (oily or dry), their eye color, hair color, etc. and compare it to myself and think, "well, they have more green in their eyes so it might work better for me." I love knowing what to expect before I get my bag. It's still exciting to wait for it but I can plan for it. Like, if I'm running low on mascara, I can check to see if I'm getting it this month and wait for it or I can go out and buy some. My resolution was to spend less on makeup and this is helping so far. I like Influenster because I can see reviews before I buy things. I like ipsy for the same reason. You gain points by sharing the contents of your makeup bag, posting reviews and if friends use your code while signing up. You can use those points to trade for certain items through the app. I recommend ipsy if you're trying to learn more about makeup, if you're looking for a gift for someone (there's an option to get a bag a year for one payment of $120), or if you're looking to save money while trying new things like me. The app is wonderful also. It has makeup tips and great articles. Even if you don't receive an ipsy bag, the app is still good to download to stay on top on new trends.
Charlene W.
Columbus, OH
9 reviews
I think subscription services are AMAZING. Forget the stress of shopping for new makeup, clothes, healthy food, etc. Get them delivered right to your door for a great deal, much lower than the products’ retail prices! I’ll tell you about one of my favorite subscription makeup bags that I’ve been getting for almost a whole year now, Ipsy!

Ipsy is only $10 a month, (even cheaper when you buy a whole year!) and you get 5 beauty products a month, which are either full size or deluxe size. On top of that super steal, just by rating your products each month, you gets points which you can redeem for full size products! I just redeemed 500 points that I’ve been racking up, so in my next bag, I get a set of designer lashes! GLAM LASHES ARE MY FAV, and we all know how expensive they can be (literally I’ve paid $20 for a good set). Finally, they offer different discounts every month for subscribers to high end makeup websites.

Take a look inside my October glam bag. I LOVED every single product and gave them all 5 stars. However, your bag might look completely different than mine each month because on the Ipsy app, you can customize your settings to make sure you receive items that you WANT and will USE. You all know that I love my press-on nails, so I requested never to receive nail polishes, rather mascaras and liquid lipsticks instead. Ipsy will listen to your preferences. You can also add your skin and hair tone and type as well as eye color, so your products matches your needs.

Brands in my October glam bag: Marc Anthony, Urban Decay, Tarte, Meech and Mia, and MDMflow

Overall, Ipsy offers amazing services and products for such a low cost and they are very responsive to your wants for your monthly glam bag. Having this subscription bag also really helps me resist splurging on makeup, because I get surprised with so many new items every few weeks and don’t feel the need to anymore. Click here to TRY IT OUT, even if its just for a month! Comment or send me a message if you want my sign up code, which will give us both a boost on our points!
Taylor D.
Des Moines
95 reviews
Ipsy is a 10$ makeup subscription box you get monthly or can buy in supply for a whole year. Upon downloading the app you take a skin texture, oiliness/dryness, hair type, makeup, skincare, and brand likes/dislikes quiz. After you take the quiz, it brings together five products from both high end and drugstore make up/skin&hair care brands, such as Tarte, Urban Decay, Wet N’ Wild, Steve Laurant, Too Faced, Ofra, and more. So far i’ve gotten a range of products to try so I can do a thorough review and see if it’s good enough to recommend it. I’ve had 7 months of products come in each comes with its very own Ipsy bag, with each month comes a different style of bag and products chosen in the bag. For example, last month was sunshine, I got a yellow bag, skincare products and a pretty Steve Laurant blue single shadow that retail for 16$. Another month was butterflies in which I got a butterfly styled bag and hair products along with a liquid eyeliner, and a eyeshadow palette from Pacifica to get that perfect ‘winged’ look. A lot of the time it’s travel sized products but sometimes you get full sized as well. For the price of 10$ you get more than twice the amount of money in skin&hair care and makeup. I’ll put a link to get Ipsy and try it for yourself, you can cancel anytime & the Ipsy team is VERY helpful with questions. Below is most of the products i’ve received in my ipsy boxes that I haven’t used up! I am so excited about the ipsy Glam Bag!
Jessika A.
131 reviews
I can not recommend ipsy glam bags enough! I’ve been getting them for a little over a year now. Each month you get a travel sized makeup bag along with 5 makeup items. Every single bag that I’ve gotten has at least had a travel size something from a high end brand in it. And a lot of times if they are featuring an indie makeup brand, you’ll get a full size lipstick or highlighter or eyeliner. They also send out great makeup brushes! I’ve built up my collection of makeup brushes just from getting ipsy bags.

They cost $10 per month, but it is a little cheaper if you pay for a year in advance. You take a quiz, that you can update as much as you want, that will help ipsy decide what to put in your bag. Once you get your products, make sure to review them and rate them so that ipsy can even further tailor the bag to your personal preferences.

The customer service has been great too! I had a full size highlighter that arrived to me broken. I immediately contacted ipsyCare and they had a new one sent out that day.

I recommend this service to anyone who wants to build their makeup collection without spending a fortune on full size products. It’s also great if you like to try products out before committing to a full-size. Even better, there is enough variety so that you can try out different products that you need to practice with, or use something you would never normally buy.
Ashley M.
Sacramento , CA
67 reviews
We’re to begin..

I have a love & Dislike relationship with Ipsy, I have been subscribed with them for 3 straight years up until this year.. for years I didn’t really care if I didn’t get items I like cause well I work in the beauty industry it will get used somehow right?! Wrong. These are a sample size or deluxe size subscription bag with a small percentage of maybe a full size brush or eyeshadow.

The longer I became a subscriber the more I kept retaking the quiz to stop getting nail polishes, hair oils, the brand Dis or Doucce or these off the wall other cheap brands that I’ve never heard of or they only sell online.. ( now J cats was a cool one out of all the random ones) but even then I was always left with a bunch of the same BRONZE or GOLD eyeshadow, sheet masks, nail oils or polishes (that I never clicked to receive) hair oils by Anthony whatever which I never asked for cause fine hair.. and on occasion an awesome Luxie brush or prestige brand item worth receiving. I’m talking endless amounts of skincare not for my skin type or sunscreen primers/B.B. cream things that I toss. But seriously I have 23 gold/bronze shadows from Ipsy.. what the heck ipsy.. it’s not that cool!

I would throw it all in a drawer in my makeup room and it just collected up.. when I got pregnant I literally started to purge the house and when I opened that drawer and saw endless amounts of sample items I still had no desire to try or use I ended Ipsy.

I loved the points to redeem items but was it really worth it in the end?? No. I spent over $120 for some free deluxe sample or foot mask I could have gotten at ulta or Sephora with a purchase or just because I’m a diamond member..

And then there’s the 12 bags a year.. yes 12 bags the same size every month that by the millions are sitting in a landfill wait to be burned or etc... its such a waste and I would prefer the whole thing without it and maybe a few better quality items instead of the bag! Now that’s a thought!!
AFashionable C.
79 reviews
Ipsy has been pretty on the mark for me lately & for $10 + tax/mo, you can't beat the selection or items that always come in a themed IPSY bag. Perhaps they could have an option where you opt out of the bag & get a $1 discount or something, someday b/c I know I don't need another small makeup bag, but they do come in handy for quickie RAOK gifts or kid gifts. I got a few questionable bags, where maybe 1 of the 5 sample - full size items was useful to me (you can sell these or just give them to friends) but then they pull it out and send a bag of 5 things that are totally worth it and make you feel like you have quadrupled yr $10. Like I said, they have been hitting out of the park for me in the last 2 months. Nice mix of skincare, makeup and haircare here, both very high end and indie brands, so I like that. I think sub boxes aren't for everyone b/c I see so many complaints abt not getting the color they like or that this makes them too oily or is too dark for them but might work for a sister or brother with a different concentration of melanin. the purpose it to TRY NEW STUFF & to give yrself a treat that comes through the mail.  No one is making you subscribe to ANY monthly service. Sometimes you take one for the team & get a bronzer that is not the shade you would have picked for yrself. Maybe you should go out and just BUY the bronzer you want & quit the sub bag game or realize for $10, this is a pretty cool deal. Some nice brushes, some metallic eyeshadows I wouldn't have paid for that are really pretty, eyeliners or shadows that are blissfully NOT neutral, some new nail polish & blushes. So far, I'm still in but if you decide you need a break, you can switch to every other month, every two months, or 4 times a year or you can just easily cancel through yr acct. which can be accessed via desktop or the app. You can also always use yr Ipsy reviews, which give you points for free merch, and use them here. Win - Win! They also offer discounts on monthly bag items & special Ipsy deals that are available if you are an active member. 
Ashley F.
9 reviews
Pop Culture Expert Level 2
You literally cannot go wrong with this subscription! Every month you get a new makeup bag (worth it in itself!!!) and full/sample size products!!! Honestly I thought that there were hardly be any full size but they do an amazing job by giving you a great balance of full and sample size items! 

You get to try so so many different products that you normally wouldn't buy, and it really gives you a bang for your buck! For example, last month I received a sample size (4 inches) Smash Box eyeliner, full size ColourPop eyeshadow, full size Rimmel London Face Primer, a sample size (3 inches) MAC eyeliner, and three Purisse face peels!!!!! The face peels alone cost $6 a piece if you buy them elsewhere!!!!!! 

Honestly this subscription is amazing though though because it allows you to really play with the makeup you use and if you don't like something or end up with too many of one item....give them away!!!! I seriously have nothing negative to say because I've never spent $10 a month as good as this!!!

*Oh, and you also get discounts on the items you want to purchase (if ever)!!! And you get points towards purchasing items just by reviewing your glam bag pieces!!!! COME ON, WHY ARE YOU NOT SIGNING UP ALREADY!?
Michelle E.
Johnson City, TN
458 reviews
I get Ipsy and boxycharm. Ipsy is $10 a month, boxycharm is $21. Bc is more expensive, however with ipsy you get small sample sizes, sometimes they are so small you don't even get one full use out of the product and they have 20+ samples each month but you only get 5, that would be ok, but it's never the samples your wanting, and you do not get to pick. The only things I like about ipsy is I get to try stuff that I've never heard of before or wouldn't think of trying the other reason I liked it see is they actually have a shop where you can buy items high-end products at a discount price and once you buy that product you actually get cash back and Ipsy will send you a check in the mail or put it back on your card which is pretty cool. If you're thinking about getting a subscription box I definitely recommend boxycharm I have a link in my bio that you can use and if you use that link there's a good possibility that you may get a free makeup product also if you sign up through me I get points and with those points I get to buy things and when you sign up you can do reviews and you'll have your own code to give people to where you can buy things and boxycharm is not stingy with their points let me tell you I absolutely love boxycharm it is my favorite subscription box ever you get five to six full-size yes completely full-sized products that are super high-end I mean you get stuff like mac tart shella dr. Brandt I mean really nice stuff and the value of these boxes exceed $130 each month and you pay 21 no shipping no nothing just $21 and it is extremely worth it like I said if you're interested in signing up for a subscription box go with boxycharm yes it's a little bit more expensive but you're getting way more for your money my link is in the bio like I said if you sign up through me there's a good possibility that you may get a makeup product for free
Heidi R.
Lake Ripley
9 reviews
When I joined Ipsy in February of this year, frankly, I was just looking for free products. I never expected the wealth of information that Ipsy provides to it's members beyond the free stuff!

You learn about the companies behind the products, the people who collaborate with Ipsy on projects to improve people's lives, fashion and societal trends - and so much more!

The products themselves are also amazing. After reviewing your personally prepared profile, Ipsy chooses five products for you to try in a "Glam Bag"; a really quality makeup or personals bag that's bc a different theme every month, that comes shipped to you in a bright metallic pink padded envelope(!) and contains your selected items for that month, often with information cards or inspirational notes. You get to try out those products and then review each item. You also can earn points towards discounts when you buy products through their website - and earn cash back rebates that you get to put in your pocket!

A great way to try new products, learn new things and experience new trends right on the cutting edge! DEFINITELY worth the $10.00 monthly subscription cost!
Michelle C.
Avon, IN
29 reviews
Ipsy or Birchbox? Which would you prefer to subscribe to?
Tania C.
Mishawaka, IN
149 reviews
Is anyone else think Ipsy is getting cheaper with there products. I feel there are not as many full size products.
Kalyn S.
columbus, ohio
5 reviews
Do you get your moneys worth on this subscription?
Suzzette L.
Waterbury, CT
3 reviews
Ipsy or Birchbox???
Erin L.
Alexandria, VA
374 reviews
Pop Culture Expert Level 1
How long have some of yall been on the waitlist?? I feel like I have been on it forever!! And obviously, I cannot get any friends to subscribe!!!

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