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Ion Permanent Brights Creme...
3 Reviews
3 / 5
This Ion brights toner is good because you do not need developer which is good on keeping your hair healthy because after the bleaching process you hair is already damaged so you do not want to have more damage. The bad thing is it doesn’t last as long as the other toners. So I have mixed feelings about this toner.
5 / 5
Color came our amazing exactly how I wanted only downfall is it did wash out quickly I even waited 72 hours before I washed my hair due to the recommendation of letting the color sit and not wash as much. I am an everyday hair washer due to how oily my hair is. After the 72hrs I washed hair every 48 to 72 hrs still color was fading everytime after 4 to 5 washes color is noticeably different. Used this color with 30 developer I wish they would make the color last especially since it's supposed to be permanent but the color was awesome while it lasted.
5 / 5
I love love love this and many of the other colors. Ion color brights have many different colors even multiple different shades of the silver/grey which is the color I have been using recently. The titanium is a darker silver color and it’s very nice. I typically buy them from Sally Beauty because they are much cheaper there than on Amazon.