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Ion 8MB Light Mushroom Blonde...
4 Reviews
3 / 5
This was my first time trying ION hair color and I am underwhelmed. The price is in line with or less expensive than other brands you can purchase at the beauty supply store. I have been purchasing and mixing my own color for decades with great results. This one did not deliver. I started with faded level 8RB hair that was heavily highlighted with level 10-11 gold/platinum weaved highlights. My overall hair color was a level 9 reddish golden blonde with highlights. I mixed 1/2 a tube of the 8mb with a full tube of the 9mb & 30v developer in hopes to even the base color of my hair to one color and tone out some of the red. The MB hair color has an ash+violet base with no visible gold tones. The developer is strong enough to lift the color already at a level 9 and deposit the ash/violet tones to neutralize. The PROS: My hair is not a color I cannot wear or do not like. My hair does not feel more damaged. The 30v developer made my roots hot and lifted them to match the overall red color my hair ended up being after processing the color for 45 minutes. The CONS: This did not lighten my hair at all or offer any lift. I am in not way close to a level 8 or 9 ash or violet blonde; nor do I look like a “mushroom blonde” color process has taken place. My level 7A roots were hot and not toned with the color as had been expected. My level 10+ highlights now have an ashy cast to them among the level 8 reddish bronde all over hair color now… Overall, my hair color is more evenly blended with a similar tone as there is not a stark difference between my highlights and the red hair anymore. However, going forward, I would recommend anyone using this use a high-lift blonde or bleach to achieve a neutral or gold base color before using this color to tone. I cannot see this working well for anyone who has any amount of red in their harm or at all. I also do not see this working well for anyone with hair darker than level 8. It is truly the most disappointing and baffling hair coloring experience I’ve ever had. Truly a waste of $20. I give this 3 stars for not damaging my hair and for even, consistent color coverage 🤷🏼‍♀️.
4 / 5
I give this color 7MB four stars because it gave me the ash tone I wanted by accident. I did want a mushroom shadow root, but coming from hot roots and then blonde roots and toned purple hue brassy roots I got Ash tone which is fine now. But I thought this was going to give me a darker brown for my tap roots I wanted to toned. Previous shades toned with Wella T27
4 / 5
I bought it because it is ammonia free hair color ,and supposed to be less damaging for your hair. I had a good base for this - bleached hair, if your base color is not light it wont work. Great choice if you want to tone your hair,and get rid of brassiness. I mixed with with V20, left for 35 min as instructed. Too bad it washes out pretty quickly,besides that, it is a good option, good color.
4 / 5
Me encantan todos los tonos de Ion Brilliance y este en particular ❤️ i loved 🥰.