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INUR Beauty Pause Night Shot
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INUR Beauty Pause Night Shot


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I have been using this serum alongside other products from Inur. This is a nighttime serum and It is specially formulated to nourish and revived your skin while you sleep. It contains Vitamin C serum and Matcha which are very powerful antioxidants. I know that this serum is meant to be used in the evening routine but Vitamin C serums work better for me during the day so I am using this in the morning instead of the evening. The serum is very hydrating without being heavy or greasy and it doesn't irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin. So happy I tried this as my skin feels so much better, especially as it's getting colder outside. Leaves my skin lovely and soft and after application gives a lovely dewy look. I have found that my skin has a more healthy look since using it and it certainly makes my skin tone look brighter and more even. Would definitely recommend it if you suffer from dull skin.
I have tested this put for quite a while not anticipating to notice a difference. I was pleasantly surprised. This little bottle has brightened my complexion and given my skin almost a glow. Reading through the benefits isn't necessarily something I would do but there are lots of fantastic ingredients inside. The glow that your skin is given helps to give a more youthful look and the pause night show helps to give you firmer skin. One of the ingredients is zinc, which is an antioxidant mineral that helps the preservation of healthy and nourished skin. There is little to no noticeable smell. It goes on tacky but sinks into the skin quickly. I would recommend.
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The design of the packaging for me was fab! The serum itself I LOVED it. I added this as suggested at the end of my routine and it worked wonderfully with other products I used before this final step!
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