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Instyle Fragrances An...
42 Reviews
this is the most elegant perfect perfume for a woman that doesn't like to be overly sexy and still likes to have a romantic sent it's heaven in a bottle of elegance.
It has a great smell like Victoria Secret. Just the smell doesn't last long. Smells like wildflowers and Jasmine.
Feel good and have a nice smell especially in the summer season have a shower and put this cologne of this brand I tell you it's a treat I assure you.
Very deep & love fragrance. The way it's of spreading its love surrounding yourself. My brother & my friends told me that this one is so perfect for among the all fragrance. Thanks for the InStyle fragrance for this fragrance. Love yaa [product:instyle-fragrances-an-impression-spray-cologne-for-womenguilty]
Este es el mejor producto q puede existir .. le doy sinfónica estrellas porq a superado mis expectativas
I really really really like this brand. It works so well and the prices are pretty fair. Although it is not super cheap it is decently priced for what you are getting.
I'm a huge fan of this product! It helps me stay smelling great throughout the day and it is packaged so nicely. I think once I start using a great product like this, it's hard to imagine my day without it!
I have actually sprayed this I'm Walgreens several times and it honestly smells a lot like the real flower bomb. If you're in a budget and can't afford the real flower bomb, this is a great alternative. Very strong and pretty scent.
I live the smell of this perfume it last do king and smells do fresh and classy. Love buying this
Hands down my favorite scent of all times. Perfect for any season and every occasion. Skip the sample at Sephora and go right for the big bottle. You won't regret it.