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I used this a few times prices are way more better then actual store and the quality is very good as well. Delivery is on time always
Great to use in the postpartum period when you’re recovering and too exhausted to make it to the store physically. Despite the fees, I often spend a bit less because I can see what I’m putting in my cart with the price
Make sure to read your drivers reviews, I’ve had both great and not so great experiences with instacart. It’s great to not have to go to the store.
Do Instacart shoppers get some sort of training ? Do they just hire anyone?
I use Walmart for pick up because our little town of Macclenny doesnt offer delivery of grocerys,do you think it's better than Walmart? Instacart Delivery ?
Does anyone else experience extremely poor customer service? I was way over charged and can’t seem to get anyone to help me. Wondering if this is normal for them?
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