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I am unsure if the packaging did mention that some of these lip balms contain tint ... but I used the Mint earl grey one yesterday for the first time (unaware of the tint) and the color of this "balm" smeared everywhere and left a stain on my face that took hours to get rid of. As far as this being a "lip balm" the only thing this product did for me was leave coloring on my skin and made it look like I smeared frosting on myself. Did not moisturize my lips at all. If anything, my lips felt even more dry than before application. I don't care how cheap this product may be, there is a reason why it isn't that costly. Steer clear from this product. I recommend the Pacifica lip balm and nighttime lip treatment.
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So happy purchased this two weeks ago. I found it in [product:marshalls] with a really good price (it was on clearance) and the expired date way too long (2023). One box has three kind of lip balms with different colors and flavours plus color. First is vanilla and mint which is original (no color) Second is my lip balm mint earl grey with the peach color ( love this one) Last is rose with sheer pink color It has natural color on lips and keep hydrating my lips. This is my favourite to go if i do not like to use any lipstick or gloss. Worth the money 😁
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It’s a very cute set, balms smell so so good. They are pretty moisturizing and leave a tint of the lips. It’s a very thick formula and hard to push out from the tube in the beginning, but after first use it’s not a problem.