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How i Can get a free product from this application?
morocco - 2 months ago

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a month ago
Be active everyday. I have this on my home screen right next to fb app and I open it daily so I have my streak going. Also I make sure to review at least one item a day, it all adds up. The companies want to make sure you're going to be active and review their products because they take a lot of time and effort to send items out for free, they want to make Influenster sure it's going to also benefit them as well as you. Hope this helps!
a month ago
Write some great, HONEST reviews about products. Don’t try to suck up to marketing by giving nothing but 5-Star reviews. On the other hand, there’s no reason to bash anyone. Answer questions, participate in activities... and I’m old-fashioned, but spelling & grammar DO matter. Do the best you can, really try: this is an app about being good to yourself and self-confidence. Let people see those insides as well as your pretty little outsides.
a month ago
U have to share ur experience with influenster u have to be commited an invite friends
2 months ago