How long do they last? And also do they stick onto your nail very well?
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It’s stick really good with nails but I removed at night time 😂 when ever you want you can use it and remove it
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It depends on how much you use your hands and what you do with them. I'm a vet tech so my hands are washed constantly or scrubbing something with alcohol and a specific antibacterial scrub. Because of that, they only last a few days at work - but give me a week off and they last the whole time!
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The nails last for about a week and a half. They stick on very well but if one pops off I use a brush on nail glue. I hope this helps 😊 Kiss PowerFlex Brush-On Nail Glue, 0.17 oz
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They actually do stick rlly well they can last up to 2 weeks if u take care of them. Hope this helped u
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