imPRESS Press-on Manicure
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imPRESS Press-on Manicure

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Achieve a one-step gel manicure in minutes with a NEW generation of imPRESS Press-On Manicure! Nowfeaturing breakthrough patented adhesive technology for the most innovative way to nail perfection. The ONLY one step gel manicure.  Just peel & apply. These glue free & damage free fashion nails give the most flawless fit for the most natural looking salon perfect manicure.


·       Ready to use, press & go

·       Exclusive hybrid adhesive system

·       Peel & apply

·       No glue, no damage

·       Stays put & perfect

·       Hassle-free removal

·       Includes on-trend accent nails


·      30 nails including 6 accents, prep pad and a mini file

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imPRESS Press-on Manicure
imPRESS Press-on Manicure
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  • "It was very easy to apply and the package comes with different sizes so that you can get the closest fit to your real nails." in 145 reviews
  • "I love the designs and I like the idea of not using nail glue but this product doesn't last long once you press them on." in 120 reviews
  • "These don't last very long went to sleep and woke up 2 had fallen off :( great for my daughters formal at school and alot cheaper then a manicure :)" in 110 reviews
  • "Super easy to apply, loads of color and design options, and can last up to about 2 weeks if you don't do anything crazy." in 106 reviews
  • "Pretty cool product, I got these to try out from influenster, I really liked the product and how it applies to your nails and lasts a long time (6 days for me)." in 82 reviews
Lindsey K.
508 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Let me first begin by saying that nails are the one thing that I am not super girly about. I am a musician and keep them cut very short, and because I tend to fidget with my hands, nail-polish rarely lasts more than a day. I have tried standard press-on nails and in all instances have ripped them off in frustration at not being able to type or play music. I stumbled upon these in the store and thought "what the heck".

When I got home, I tore open the package. Inside was a slew of nails with several accent nail sizes, instructions, a nail prep pad, and a tiny emory board. After washing my hands and nails well, I pressed back my cuticles and selected nails close to my size. I have fairly thin fingers so I was surprised to find that my thumb took the largest size available. The rest of the nails were easy to find. From there all I had to do was peel off the plastic backing and press onto my nails. I was impressed that the length wasn't ridiculously long, but even more impressed that you could cut and file them.

After trimming and filing the nails to a longer-than-my-usual-short length, I noticed the accent nail was a little ragged-looking, but not bad. They were on securely and looked beautiful. The one thing that was immediately bothersome was the glue that remained on the underside of the nail that was exposed to the air. Because my nails are short, the adhesive on the underside stuck out further than my nail, causing a sticky mess underneath. I cringed at how many gross things would get trapped underneath and immediately got to work peeling, pulling it off until there was no more glue exposed. After that, I resumed my normal activities and am overall very pleased with the results.

After a week, to my amazement my nails are still on, despite the abuse they have endured (playing guitar, buttoning shirts, typing, diaper changes, opening soda cans, etc). They are slightly scratched and worn on the edges, and the accent nail is peeling back slightly but from a distance they still look great. I will be purchasing these again in a different style that might not show wear as much as these did and may even *gasp* grow my nails out a little so I don't have to deal with the gross adhesive situation.
Brittany W.
75 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I’m in between rating at 2 stars and 3.
I love the price point, and design selection, however, I ran into some issues...
Recently I’ve had to cut back on my spending and going to the nail salon is not a necessity for me. But I love the way having a pair of styled nails gives me confidence and an overall polished look, so I started looking for a cost friendly option.
My first few press-on’s were the type you glued on with essentially a super glue. I wasn’t even paying attention when purchasing these impress nails, bought solely for design.
These have a peel off strip on the interior of nails, that have a gummy strip that sticks directly to your natural nail. A cleansing strip was provided to clean the natural nail before applying, along with a small nail buffing emory board. The application was quick and easy, and fit my nails relatively well. No complaints there. But I shortly noticed how my hair, when putting into a pony tail, stroking my hair behind my ears, etc would caus my hair to get caught under the nail. The gummy strip did not allow the edges of the press on’s to securely seal down, allowing hair on all nails to get wrapped underneath. Strands would get pulled out 9x out of ten.
The quality of the nail itself was ok. I’ve had other press-on’s last a full week. I had several of these impress nails fall off within an hour, to a couple days. I got so annoyed having to replace the nails and pushing them on, I finally just glued on to get through a whole 5 days. In my second photo I show my bare nail after removing the nail, they don’t look or feel or appear to be damaged. And on my middle finger you can see a ridge in the nail. I noticed how some of the nails started randomly getting busted and idk how. I wore these for no more than 5 days, and wasn’t doing anything unusual or laborious to cause such damage.
I appreciate the healthier nail option of having a gummy press on, and not using a harsh super glue but they need to work on securing the edge of the faux nail with the real. That’s my largest issue; and longevity of the stickiness being my second. Any other qualms I can overlook due to the price.
Kara S.
47 reviews
I stumbled upon these nails at Walgrens.  I bought them because I really liked the matte black finish and the fact they looked REALLY easy to apply.I was right. These were super easy to apply and no glue was needed.They have a patented adhesive and once you apply them they have a very strong hold. These gel nails lasted for about a week. I was dreading taking them off but that was simple as well. I soaked a cotton ball with some nail polish remover and squeezed some between the artificial nail and my natural nail. A little prying with a nail file and easy peasy; My natural nails were not ruined, weak, brittle, or a fright to look at. In fact I gave them a rest for a week and put on the remaining nails from the kit Yes! There are enough nails for at least 2 manicures. imPRESS Press-on Manicure  
april n.
Forest Lake, MN
507 reviews
Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about these press ons! I used to be the girl who went out and got her nails done every few weeks because I wanted to feel “girly” and “put together” all of the time. However, that definitely put a big hole in my pocket.

I have used fake glue on nails before and they always fell off quickly, even with the “extra strength” adhesive. I tried these randomly expecting the same type of results, but was pleasantly surprised.

These nails come in so many different designs, patterns, and colors! They come in different lengths as well. You can definitely find one that will fit your mood. They are pre-glued so you don’t have to waste time (or money) using the adhesive and waiting for it to dry.

The wear time with these is about a week. I wear them for a week and then I take them off and redo them. They didn’t chip or fall off within that week that I tried them.

The best part of these nails though - is the fact that you don’t ruin your nails when you take them off! They don’t damage your actual nails at all and are easy to take off and not painful.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to getting your nails done at a salon - this is your best bet!
Pawsitive B.
Kansas City
7 reviews
Review for: Impress Accents Nails, Multi Color more...
Impress Nails
Hey Babes-
So here's the skinny on the recent purchase of above Impress press on nail manicure. I frequent Target more often than I should which generally has me slow walking to beauty sections. Generally I rock acrylic nails and put my naturals through hell. Constant revolving door of to many refills, peeling brittle nails, and weeks of recovery before I start over. I have been doing to "recovery" thing for 6 months because I just didn't feel up to my usual torture. These caught my eye and I gave them a shot, I noticed after they are cheaper online or Walmart than inside Target! I actually paid $7.99 :(
the action: I manicured my nails prior to application as recommended (trimmed, pushed back cuticles, and cleaned my nails) used the nail cleanser they include and applied! Application of these nails is so easy, and the cuticle area of the false nails is soft and for flexible so it feels and looks more natural! I was really happy with the immediate result and how they looked. The nails are smooth and the glitter never catches on anything. They could easily pass as the $40 nails you get at a salon. The nails lasted through sleep and throughout the next day of make up applications never feeling weak. Now in all honestly I deep cleaned my house that Sunday (day 3) and lost both ring finger nails, I do feel that's my fault because much cleaner and hitting my hands on stuff. I actually tend to break my acrylics when I deep clean too.
All in all if you have an event, are easy on your hands, date, or last minute need to look put together I recommend these!!!!
Jessika A.
131 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I wasn't expecting too much with these nails. But I am seriously impressed! First, they have gorgeous colors and finishes, from black to nude, and shiny to matte finish. They even come with some accent nails with really pretty designs. They are also a really great shape. These nails are easy to apply, just take off the strip and press the nails onto your own nail. Once on, these nails do have a gap because the adhesive doesn't go all the way out to the edges. Therefore you do have to be careful when running your fingers through your hair. However, this gap isn't too noticeable unless you are looking for it. These nails really look like real acrylic nails. The price is also so awesome. I got mine at Target for $5.99. This beats the price of salon nails for sure. The only think I really had a hard time with was trying to decide which nails fit my natural nails the best. Other than that, I really love these, and will definitely be purchasing again.
Charlene W.
Columbus, OH
9 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
STOP SPENDING A FORTUNE ON ACRYLIC NAILS. It may seem very 2005, but press on nails are the way to go! I use ImPress nails for every event and even for pageants! NO glue, NO hassle, NO dry time. I rely on these nails and trust them-I rarely ever pop a nail, and if I do, it is after a few days. In my experience, they have lasted up to a week. They are available at your local drugstore, including Walgreens, CVS, etc for around $6-8. They stick-on with such ease and fit a variation of nail sizes. There are so many different colors, styles, and textures (metallic and matte) and themes with optional accent nails! From nautical themed, to a simple French tip, you won’t be disappointed with these! I ALWAYS get compliments and questions about which salon I visit…and finally I’m revealing my little secret to cheap, perfect nails 24/7! So a $40 acrylic or gel manicure vs $7 stick-ons that look even better…your choice!
Nora B.
140 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
These are not perfect but for $7 I can deal with any negatives for a great manicure for 10+ days. I can get 7-14 days in one set with some exceptions. I do agree that your hair gets easily trapped under the nails. I make sure to use a brush in my hair or only brush it in the right way. I have pretty good luck with the nails staying on - I've used 3 different types and this current set is the only one that has lifted (on the index finger on both hands). The glue came loose and I just replaced them with an extra nail. The numbers are impossible to read on the back so I have to eyeball what fits for all 10 fingers. They also tend to wear down especially if you are doing a lot of heavy work but I haven't had any breakage which is awesome. I'm at day 10 on my current set and they don't look perfect but they look great for $7! No one can believe they are press on. I wish they had more neutral colors but I like the accent colors. You get a ton of nails too so you could do 2 sets or share with a friend. 
Regan C.
Fairhope , AL
7 reviews
I recently received impress press-on manicure for free to review and I was so happy to try them out. I love wearing regular press on nails that I need glue for so I had expected something similar and I was wrong they had a different texture to them not a problem but something I would point out they weren’t flimsy but kind of soft I could bend them. They also come with a tacky gel on the underside to act as a glue but it is very different from glue it doesn’t dry down just because it doesn’t dry down doesn’t mean it’s bad it held pretty strong on all but one nail which is a better rate Than glue on but because the gel doesn’t dry down if your nails don’t cover all of it there will be a small amount exposed on the underside which may not be a problem for everyone but bothered me a lot. The gel also does no reach the very bottom so you may after a little bit of time find the back lifting or feel strange using the nails because of it but I did not have too many problems with it. The nails are over all very good just not for me because I like glue more than gel but these nails would be perfect for events they do not damage the nail and can last a night without any problems I have had glue ones last for a shorter period of time than these nails they hold on tight when yo remove them but don’t make it impossible. I recommend trying these nails out if you want great looking nails with out damaged natural nails or without the commitment of how long other fake nails last
Stacia T.
N Chesterfld, VA
34 reviews
Initially I was in love with the impress nails. They are super easy to apply, no glue needed and have the cutest designs! I got tons of compliments on the designs. By day 3 I wasn’t quite feeling the same way. Usually with press on nails (the ones you need glue for) I can get at least a solid week of use out of them. With the impress nails the adhesive starts to get messy and dirty if the are longer than your finger nails and it’s hard to do practical things like wash dishes etc. and it’s just not hygienic so for that reason I give it 3/5. Even when I used nail glue in addition to the adhesive that it comes with, my experience wasn’t that great. I wouldn’t buy them again or recommend them unless you’re pressed for time and only need them for a single day event. imPRESS Press-on Manicure

*I received the product complimentary for my review
Blanca C.
182 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Did this product last long for you guys?
Sharmaine B.
Boynton Beach, FL
21 reviews
Does it ever pop off?... How does it stay on? ... Does it still chip? ... Is it durable? ... Will it damage my nails?...
Annmarie D.
Keyport, NJ
40 reviews
Do these press ons work?
Kassandra A.
37 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
Would you repurchase these Press-ons?
tabetha T.
410 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I am not a nail person are these easy to use.

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