IGK Permanent Color Kit

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I have had my hair blonde for the longest time and needed a change. This is the 1st time using IGK but so glad that I did! 1st off the product does not have any harsh smells like most dyes do. 2nd it covered all my blonde and grays! 3rd left my hair so soft and smooth something that does not happen after coloring! I will definitely be buying IGK from now on. Specifically the black!
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Honestly, IGK being a more luxury type of brand, I was expecting a lot more. I have tried both their dyes and their color depositing shampoo and I am VERY unimpressed with both. I noticed that the dye nor the color depositing mask have a lasting effect. They don't do much. The quality is not there. They smell okay, but the pay off of the color is absolutely zero. I purchased in place of dying my hair constantly and I regret it highly. I will stick to my drugstore branded hair dyes. Lesson learned, more expensive is not always better!
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3 / 5
If you're trying to cover green, not the best product, I would make your hair a level 7 or above before using this product, for some reason it made my ends lighter which I didn't like but it's very orange, so if you want orange/auburn hair, this product is perfect for you!