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Fo you know if the IGK hydrating shampoo and conditioner is similar to Morrocanoil IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo ? Moroccanoil Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz
I use the conditioner and I absolutely love it. Does anybody know if the shampoo matches it well? I do already have a shampoo that I use with it, but just wondering if this would go better with the conditioner?
is this actually hydrating? i have a dry scalp and i’m looking for a new shampoo. i was thinking about purchasing this. does it make your hair oily or anything else like that?
Don't you hate it when Sephora sends you an amazing shampoo sample then you look it up and it's $25 and the conditioner is $25 and there's no set?! Whyyyyyyyyyy????? igk-hot-girls-hydrating-shampoo-8-oz
Do you like the smell? I do!