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Love, love, love this eye serum. The Hylamide SubQ Eyes is one of the best and at an amazing price point. Works well on dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and wears well under foundation. Order directly from the Deciem website.
I didn't see a huge difference with this product. I like the price point but I used it for about 3 months before it ran out when I went to repurchase it was sold out and i decided to try NIOD FECC and saw much better results. Maybe it would have had more of an impact if I used it longer but it is always sold out so I couldn't rely on it. Also it is only sold in a 15mL vial and if you use too much (like I did) the vial will not last long.
I liked the packaging of this product but have to say I did not notice any massive difference in the skin around my eyes compared to some other products I have used. Was a nice soothing product to apply but I could probably use something a bit more hydrating on my aging, dry skin.
Does this work for dark circles?
how does this product work for treating dark circles?
In terms of value, has anyone found another product with similar ingredients for less money or that works better?
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