do you like this product? [product:hydro-flask-32oz-wide-mouth-vacuum-insulated-stainless-steel-water-bottle-w/-flex-cap]
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I love it!
il y a 6 mois
Love it :)
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I love this product! Eady to use and easy to clean. Dosen't leak & my kids & I use our everyday! Definitely recommend that you get one. I really like the flex cap because I can take a quick sip without having to worry about spilling it all over myself, no matter where or what I'm doing. Especially super convenient with the kids taking them to school.
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I really like the size of this bottle and the amazing quality. I don't prefer the flex cap but more the wide mouth. I think it makes it easier to drink and better for a quick sip or a sip while moving. And the flex cap does not make drinking water easy. I love my hydro flask though and if you're not satisfied with your lid your always able to go and purchase another one on the website. I love the bottle though and think it totally worth buying. It's very practical too i think its a good bottle to invest in as it will last you a long time.
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