heyyy, does this product burn sometime a bit on the skin?
il y a 2 mois

23 answers

if you have just shaved your face or dermaplaned, or you’ve popped a pimple recently, it will burn since it is an open pore
il y a 3 jours
Never. Other products will burn if I've exfoliated that day but never this, it's always soothing and hydrating. My absolute favourite!
il y a 15 jours
No, it doesn’t burn. It hydrates your skin very well and helps all your other products soak better into your skin. I have very sensitive skin and I can say that it’s been one of the best skincare products I’ve purchased:)
il y a 17 jours
In my experience, no. However if you’re doing heavily stripping masks or exfoliation any product may burn after
il y a 19 jours
No It shouldn’t
il y a 21 jours
Never. Whenever I’ve tired it on my combo skin it’s always felt very light and soaks in easily.
il y a 21 jours
Not at all
il y a un mois
yes! but thats when you know its working !
il y a un mois