Hourglass Curator Lash Instrument

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3.00 / 5 star rating
3 / 5
I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I purchased one of these but it was kind of by mistake. I'd purchased the Ambience Lighting Palette and received this. Seller offered me a discount so I took the deal since I loath dealing with the process of returns and I wanted to make sure that I did get my Lighting Palette. Now that I've apologized for this luxury purchase (Cos I'm Catholic?) I'll give ya'll my honest opinion about this thing. First, it's so dangerous, seriously an eye injury waiting to happen. I'm expecting to see TV attorneys gathering clients together for a mass lawsuit in the near future. I've experimented with this quite a few times now and EVERY SINGLE TIME I have inadvertently stuck it in my right eye. You youngin's laugh now but wait till you're near sighted and in trifocals 😉. I've used my regular mascaras since I don't have the primer and mascara that are supposed to be used with this because there are about $40 EACH 😳 but I might try if I find them on sale somewhere since I alway have this thing. This did fit in one mascara tube, I believe it was the L'Oreal Paradise but only the tip fit in the Essence Lash. When I have gotten the desired amount on curator and onto eyelashes I haven't been overly impressed. My eyelashes are fairly long naturally, this did lengthen a bit and it did curl at bit but didn't make lashes look full at all. Regardless of what this claims to not clump, it WILL clump. The cleansing, I put some Palmolive on fingers and rub onto tip then soak in hot water for a while to loosen up then wash/rinse and put back in it's little black velvet box. Before you shell out a ridiculous amount of money see if a friend has one you can try 🙄😑. The one "Pro" about this is that it's good for people who have allergies to some fibers, but it is a screw. Please don't get me wrong, I love beauty products and these pretty shiny things too I just kinda think that Hourglass is laughing all the way to the bank with our money on this one. #youwillpokeyoureyeout
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
This lash tool is so innovative and luxurious! It separates, lengthens, and makes my lashes look natural, but long and fluttery! It almost mimics a lash lift and tint. The good thing is, now I only have to repurchase the actual mascara, as the tool will last a very long time. Would definitely recommend for someone looking to splurge!