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Hostess® Donettes® Hot Cocoa...
8 Reviews
One of my favorites! I love the seasonal donuts that Hostess puts out for the holidays, especially the Christmas edition ones!!
These are good, fresh a d soft! Just taste like a chocolate donut, you can’t really taste the flavor of hot cocoa and marshmallows…just another great holiday classic food! Grab them, they are delicious![product:hostess-donettes-hot-cocoa-marshmallow-mini-donuts]
Excelente para una merienda, desayuno con cafe con leche o un chocolate, para compartir con amistades y en familia, con chocolate y marshmallow divino, no dudaria en comprarlo, lo recomiendo.
Got these to try. Omg they are sooo yummy I want more .it smells good. It taste like chocolate with vanilla sugary frosting.
These were pretty good. Could of sat an ate the whole bag easily. Not the healthiest choice of snack but it's pretty taste so ohwell lol
These taste so good and are perfect for the holidays when u need a little extra reason to eat Choi plate
These are so good. I bought 2 bags. It’s a perfect hot chocolate taste with a hint of marshmallow. I hope these are not season because i want to buy this year round. I would definitely recommend these
Taste like regular donuts. I'm disappointed, they're not bad but I was expecting hot cocoa and marshmallows.