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There's nothing good to say I stayed at the econo Lodge it smelled like roaches black mold I want a refund Hoppers say no the nastiest room I've ever been in I sent pictures in and everything and Hoppers still say no talk about the facility does not agree to give me my money back I will be on every review site on the internet I will call channel 2 News so it will be broadcasted never use hoppers again I'm not understanding why they say that the hotel don't want to give my money back when I paid them I didn't give my money to the hotel
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Booked a flight through Hopper. Then 1 week out got an email to notify of flight change. Informed them that flight would not work, please book me onto the earlier flight. Back and forth emails whilst on holiday thinking they have finally worked it out. Got to the airport to check in and realised the haven't done what they said the would. I've now been emailing Hopper back and forth for almost 2 months to try and get my money back. This company is a joke, everytime I get someone different replying. I can't find a phone number to call anywhere and I have asked multiple times but they keep ignoring my request.
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I had used Hopper several times for hotels as I am an independent contractor and stay away from home for months at a time, On the last occasion, I went all the way to the end, to swipe to pay, then came a pop up window, saying that the price was no longer available. I tried to re reserve my room, but the money had already been taken from my account. It is now 6 days, I cannot contact them as there is no reservation to connect to customer service from. They have $450.00 of my money, and I cannot get it back. My bank is doing everything it can, but this is unacceptable. They do not seem to exist, I cannot find them ANYWHERE. Id sue, but cant do that unless you can find them. DO NOT USE THIS APP EVER!!!


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Does anyone score good deals using the notifications?
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Are their prices comprable to other similar websites??
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