Hollywood Beauty Jojoba Hair Oil - 2 fl oz

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16 reviews


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Honestly I would have loved this product if actually had what the front says. Yes it has jojoba oil but mixed with other oils as well. If u want just jojoba oil then this is not it. The packaging is very misleading. It’s a good oil but has other oil mixed into it. So your are not experiencing jojoba oil by itself.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
First, let me start with I used this oil along with Vitamin E, and I made a review for that one as well. But I strongly believe that this oil by itself has a huge impact on my nails. I began growing out my nails from freshly cut, square one, around the beginning of November. And I believe my before picture was two/three weeks in, so around November 20th? It was from a tiktok I made of my entire journey so I am not sure how to check 100% what day. Either way, today is December 31st, so the before and after is around one month of growth. Idk about y’all, but my nails growth SLOW. I bought a nail pen from Amazon, put jojoba and vitamin E, and let me just say, the growth is there. (Ignore my index nail, it is going through it’s one journey lol so I had to cut that one.) I am also not even consistent!! So the fact that I have that much growth already and I don’t use these oils every day, wow, and they were cheap too. I love it so much. My nails are strong, but they are also flexible, which I love because they can withstand getting bent and won’t break.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
The oil is one of the best smelling ever, can tend to be a little bit greasy if you don’t completely emulsify in your hands but for dry hair it’s great