Do Hollister Ultra High Rise Jean Leggings stretch out or shrink? I got the size up because an associate told me they run small, upon arrival (I ordered them online) I felt they were a tad too big. Should I exchange them for my actual size because they will stretch out more, or keep the bigger size because they will shrink? *UPDATE* I ended up ordering my normal size and comparing them. My normal size (0) worked way better for myself. They’re extremely comfortable and flattering!
Copperas Cove, TX - il y a un an

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I don’t think they stretch i would get what’s comfortable
il y a 5 mois
All my jeans are from hollister, and when I do get the perfect size I never throw them in the dryer because they do shrink, so I recommend keeping them and just wash and dry normally they’ll definitely fit better after!
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