121 Questions
Karen M.
Does anyone else like this movie?
Julia N.
What’s your favorite Halloween movie or tv show? I really like Hocus Pocus, Sleepy Hollow, and the three Netflix Fear Street movies! I heard they’re making a few more of those movie series!
Mandie S.
Have you seem the new Hocus Pocus 2 movie? I really want to see it!
Katlynn S.
Who watched Hocus Pocus 2?
Ann L.
Did you watch Hocus Pocus 2? Did you enjoy it?
Amanda C.
what are your favorite fall time activities?
Lori C.
Who’s ready for 31 nights of Halloween on Freeform?
Ann L.
Colourpop is releasing Hocus Pocus round 3. Are you interested in it? I am.
Shawna H.
Who your favorite witch also are you excited for hocus pocus 2 i am! my favorite witch is sarah!
Alicia D.
Were you able to snag the Hocus Pocus Colourpop collab?