How many of you were raised on this? Is this as good as you remember?
5 months ago
From spraying it in my mouth, to adding it as a decadent ice cream topping, to making my own chocolate milk!!! Squirting as much as i want in a glass of milk gave me satisfaction 😍
3 months ago
I’ve never tried this before, looks good though!
London , Islington - 4 months ago
Straight into my mouth is my fave. Lol. I love chocolate covered bananas. I pretend to eat healthy and then add chocolate
5 months ago
I've rarely had access to this in my life but when I have....mmmmmmmm!! Poor it into milk, over PB/bananas/if cream, cake, cookies and straight into my mouth! Lol
WICHITA, KS - 5 months ago