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I never had the mango drink, but I've done Herbalife, with the other items. I couldnt tell if the vitamins and minerals were included, but I LOVED this! It's a healthier way to lose unwanted fat and weight. By replacing 2 meals a day with shakes and with taking the vitamins that are included, you will not only lose weight, but you will have so much more natural energy. Its unreal. Though its expensive, it's totally worth it in my opinion. It was so long ago, but if I remember correctly, I lost 30 lbs in my first month, maybe month and a half. But the best part, it was easy to do. I felt great too. I already had a hard enough time to Herbalife get myself to eat breakfast before leaving for work, so this concept was perfect for me. My favorite shake was the cookies and cream. And the orange "lift off" drink... that was super good too. I highly recommend it. Now I want to start again and especially try that mango drink!
2 months ago