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I was amazed to learn about the way Herbalife targets and preys upon low income people and undocumented immigrants in the documentary "Betting on Zero" (Netflix). Their products have also been linked to kidney failure. Dangerous products, physically and financially. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling them and desperate to break even.

Product reviewed: Herbalife Cell-u-loss - 90 Tablets

Het ideale ontbijt in mijn drukke dagen. Snel klaar en heerlijke smaken. Ook lekker fris met de warme dagen, ijsblokjes bij toevoegen en goed shaken dan heb je een fluffy shake

Product reviewed: Herbalife Cell-u-loss - 90 Tablets

These beauty “teas” might look pretty & taste good but BEWARE they are NOT as healthy as they make it out be!!! It’s important to read labels & do research before consuming just about anything these days! [brand:herbalife]

Product reviewed: Herbalife Cell-u-loss - 90 Tablets

I Need yo lose weight fast . I let myself go during lockdown. I just ordered some Herbalife. It worked for me back in the day I hope it will come through again I’m also a gonna stat running . Who else is using Herbalife how’s it going ?Herbalife
Doo you think Herbalife is worth it ?
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