My question is does this work for everyone and how long does it take to see results? I was actually sent a sample of this but that doesn't even make sense because it was one or two pills and of course I didn't notice a difference with just that! But i am re-interested now that I see people here saying it works.
Fairborn, OH - il y a 6 ans

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It is very common to only receive a couple of days worth of the product"s" that is being sampled. Sampling is not intended for determining whether or not that product is good, or if the product works, & does what it shares it will do on the back of its box. Samples of product that is a weeks worth or less is more for finding out how you/body/skin has a positive/negative reaction to the product. Sometimes a brand will send full size, & in that case, it's more like a review, & to share personal worthy, & help others to decide if that product is worth trying themselves. Reviews are very helpful, & can sometimes be the main reason the product makes it or breaks it.
il y a 6 ans