Heath Manufacturing Heath Outdoor Products Citrus Grove Suet Cake - Case of 16

by Heath Manufacturing

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Blended suet, seed & ncitrus flavoring. Ideal for suet and seed eating birds year round. Each cake is 9.25 oz. Sold in case of 16. Attracts song birds like chickadees, woodpeckers, gold finch, nuthatches, purple finch and cardinals. Our songbird suet cakes are the same high quality in a smaller size and price. A quick source of high energy for your backyard birds, which have a very high metabolism. Use year round for healthy feathers. Guaranteed not to turn rancid. Highest quality beef tallow means a higher melt point for year round feeding. Rendered Beef Suet, Select Seeds, Grains, Orange Flavoring.: Size: 9.25 oz.: Color: CITRUS


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I never heard of these product before and what type of cake is it.Where can I purchase it?