Health Body Services Allmax(r) Nutrition AMINOCORE - White Grape

by Health Body Services

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THE EMERGENCE OF A DOMINANT MUSCLE BUILDER Groundbreaking DNA Gene Chip Analysis has revealed the precise mechanism that triggers unprecedented 3.5 X greater muscle cell growth. SHOCKING MUSCLE GROWTH RESEARCH IS WITHIN REACH New science has revealed that mTor-p70S6k is the trigger directly responsible extreme muscle growth. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) were identified to activate increased mTor-p70S6k cellular signaling. This activation of the muscle cell growth signals increased by 350% (3.5X greater) with 8,180 mg (8.18 g) of 45% Leucine, 30% Valine and 25% Isoleucine, fermentation-derived and pharmaceutical-grade BCAAs. IS ORAL SUPPLEMENTATION EFFECTIVE "That's great in a lab, but if I take it, will it work?" Yes! 8.18 g at a 45:30:25 ratio of BCAAs boosted BCAA concentration in muscle cells and activated the mTor-p70S6k anabolic signal. You can literally implement this groundbreaking technology TODAY! A MUSCLE CELL SAVED IS A MUSCLE CELL EARNED Molecules called MAFbx and MuRF-1 increase dramatically during training. They lock on to muscle cells and act like a shredder, literally destroying muscle tissue. AMINOCORE literally decreases MAFbx & MuRF-1 with 8.18g BCAAs! This is the #1 reason people cannot gain or hang on to significant muscle size. INTELLIGENT DIETING SUPPORT Muscle breakdown takes place when your dieting. AMINOCORE(tm) feeds your muscles while dieting and dramatically limits muscle loss. The net effect; you retain muscle, melt fat and maintain a higher metabolism. AMINOCORE the dieting secret you've been looking for. ALL BCAAs ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! NO FILM, NO FOAM & NO PARTICLES! Only AMINOCAORE(tm) has InstaCLEAR(tm) BCAAs. Other BCAA formulas can foam up when shaken and form an oily film on the surface. Or worse, leave insoluble particles behind. InstaClear(tm) BCAA technology create a 100% soluble BCAA d


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