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Hask Shampoo, Smoothing, Keratin Protein

Hask Shampoo, Smoothing, Keratin Protein


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My hair started falling out, drying out and getting frizzy once I started going through menopause. I was looking for a more natural ingredient shampoo and my sister told me about Hask Keratin Smooth shampoo. This has been a game-changer for my hair. My hair looks healthier, softer, and hydrated and I have a lot less frizz. Not only does it lather well, but it also has a nice scent. I have hair down to the middle of my back and it doesn't take much shampoo to wash my hair. I follow up with the Keratin Smooth conditioner as well. I would recommend this brand!
This along with the conditioner have completely changed my hair, before I had severe heat damage from straightening it everyday and a bunch of split ends, to now soft and strong!!
I really like this shampoo, the price is soft, there are many types to choose from, it helps my hair float, not greasy, 😍
Is this line really that good? Seen results?
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Hask Shampoo, Smoothing, Keratin Protein ? I use the conditioner in this range but I don't usually shampoo as it dries my hair. Does this product dry your hair out as I'm tempted to give it a go?
Would you you recommend this or the Argon oil one for fine curly hair??
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