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HASK Blue Chamomile with Argan Blonde Shampoo, 12 OZ

HASK Blue Chamomile with Argan Blonde Shampoo, 12 OZ


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I purchased this on sale at Rexall to give a try, and boy oh boy am I glad I did! It’s such a nice shampoo with good lather, non drying, and a nice gentle, calming fragrance! I like that the fragrance is fresh and not too strong to the point of smelling like chemical. It is a blue/purple shampoo leaning more on the blue side which is perfect for toning brassy and yellow out of my highlighted hair! It seems to be okay for a daily wash (my other purple shampoos I only use maybe every 3rd wash as they are very drying). This one doesn’t give a life changing tone by any means which some folks might expect given the packaging. It does however keep hair looking shiny, bright, and keeps the yellow/brass at bay! I have a sensitive scalp, and this one really is nice on my scalp. Feels like it gets my hair clean and all the product out
This Hask Toning shampoo smells great and tones my blonde highlights beautifully. I always pair it with the matching conditioner for extra toning. The only thing I don’t like about this toning shampoo is that it seems to dry my hair out, not really bad, but I like my hair to have more moisture than I get from this line.
I love this brand. The products are effective and make my hair smooth. The blonde shampoo has reduced the brassiness in my hair without making it dry
Has anyone had any hair breakage after using this shampoo? I was keen to give this shampoo a go for my newly balayage hair but read reviews on another site where people claim that their hair has broken off after using it?!
Has anyone used this product on dry hair and left it in? My hair has ash type high lights and I want to maintain them throughout the lockdown until I can get it done again! Thanks :)
Does this shampoo take out red and oranges tones out ?
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