Does anyone have any tips about introducing this to your baby? They seem to be a little too big for my son at the moment (he is of age and skill, 9 months and a crawler, just weary of new food textures)
Carteret, NJ - il y a 3 ans

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They melt. Daughter loves these. Used to take these with us during travel. At first the size did scare me but kids are smart. They usually break off little pieces to try.
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My daughters are 7 months. We just laid then on their tongue and dissolve in their mouths. I started them with the teether crackers at 5 months
il y a 3 ans
The puffs were the first snack like food we introduced to our daughter. I don’t remember how old she was, but they dissolved on her tongue pretty quickly. Break them in half at first? That’s what we did, that way she wasn’t getting a full puff, and once she got used to the texture and how to eat them, we gave them to her full.
il y a 3 ans