[product:halo-sleepsack-wearable-blankets-micro-fleece-baby-blue-&-cream-2-pack-small] Are these worth it? I’ve heard great things but the price?!! Lmk
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I believe these are the ones with the double zipper so that you can change diapers easier without having to zip back up. I love them! Although I wouldn’t get the fleece ones now because it’s getting warm and my baby sweats. Get the cotton ones!
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I would get the cotton light fabric for spring summer months. I started to have my baby sleep with just a long sleeve onesie.
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Well it depends on what you are looking for. These are the ones that the hospital gave us for our newborn and we used it for a while before the fleece became too hot for my baby and it was hassle for middle of the night diaper change for us. We switched to SWADDLE ME whisper quite swaddle instead which has a thinner material and a zipper at the bottom for easy diaper change. We also love that it was lightweight and did not restrict baby's leg movements. If you're looking for a fleece swaddle to start off then you will get these in the hospital so give it a go and see how the baby fares. They are worth a try.
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