Is this bassinet worth it for the price? Not sure if It’s worth the money or something cheaper will be just as good :)
Oakville, ON - il y a un an

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I agree that it’s a great bassinet if you have a c-section. It’s easy to move the baby closer to you, the bar lowers and has side storage. Personally, I would probably go with the one without the vibration, music, and light feature. I didn’t use it enough for it to be worth the extra cost. So, I’d say pass on that feature to help you save some money 😊 but the bassinet itself is great. We used ours for 6 months.
il y a 8 mois
I think with a c section this was amazing because you can pull it over your bed and the side can be pushed down to lift the baby. For the cost it is very steep. Second hand isn’t a horrible idea with these. If it’s a normal birth the cheaper bassinets would be fine.
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I honestly don’t think so. I think you are paying for the brand! I especially say this because myself and a few other people I know your child barely used it.
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