241 Questions
Sana A.
Best kosher or vegan supplements to gain hair volume .
Christine M.
Is this product worth the money? Your hair naturally grows 1/2 inch every month so in a years time you would naturally grow 6 inches of hair. Does this product speed up the natural process? Exactly howlong has your hair got and in how much time of using this?
Christine M.
Can you take this with a multi vitamin? Or do you use it instead of a multi vitamin
Maii_ E.
Are this vitamins good to grow my hair?
Julia C.
Hook does this product work?
Tyleia S.
Does this product work? If so please leave a comment cuz I really want to try this out thank you
Jenae F.
Did anyone else notice that if not properly hydrating your skin would break out ?
Jolene J.
Does this product really work?
Jenny C.
How much is this?
Faven P.
How did this affect the moisture levels in your hair?