Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins Supplements

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These vitamins did not work for me. I use them for a few months, and I did not see any progress whatsoever. my skin was breaking out from theses hair wasn’t thriving . Don’t buy
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After using the entire bottle if supplements I didn't see much of a change in my hair growth. For me, this product work as well as any other hair supplement.
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5 / 5
Took it for two months and definitely felt my hair feel thicker and stronger. I will post a picture later but this product is so fantastic


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Sana A.
Best kosher or vegan supplements to gain hair volume .
Christine M.
Is this product worth the money? Your hair naturally grows 1/2 inch every month so in a years time you would naturally grow 6 inches of hair. Does this product speed up the natural process? Exactly howlong has your hair got and in how much time of using this?
Christine M.
Can you take this with a multi vitamin? Or do you use it instead of a multi vitamin
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