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Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins 120 Capsules (2 Months Supply)

Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins 120 Capsules (2 Months Supply)


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I used to take Hairfinity off and on and would typically do between 2-4 month periods before stopping. I noticed that my hair seemed thicker at the root when I was taking the pills and the hair shaft seemed smoother and stronger. For my 30th birthday, I decided to buy a full year's worth of pills so I could have healthy hair and see if I wanted to continue for a few more months afterward in preparation for our upcoming wedding. I finised the twelve month cycle and feel like they did benefit my hair but I'm not sure if they are worth the price. Each bottle is over $20 and only provides a 30 day supply. The pills are large and smell and taste bad if left in your mouth too long. I usually put water in my mouth, then toss the pills towards the back of my mouth before swallowing them quickly. It helps so I don't have to taste them. My hair grew beautifly and did not have as much breakage. It seemed fuller and more elastic which I feel may be due to the pills. I stopped taking them after the wedding and started taking prenatal vitamins before, during and after my pregnancy with our son. I experienced very bad post-partum hair breakage and hair loss but the pills didn't seem to help as much at that time. Collagen supplements were the only thing that helped hair growth in the damaged areas. Now that my hair is starting to get back in shape a bit, I started Hairfinity again. Hoping to see the progress I saw before. I do feel the roots are thicker in the two months that I've been taking them.

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