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Ordered my granddaughter a bunch of clothing and bathing suits for her vacation. Gymboree did not ship the bathing suits and after several emails asking when I can expect them nothing. NO bathing suits. These were ordered over 2 weeks ago. If you did not have the size I ordered then don't have it available for sale! Your customer service is completely incompetent as well. I have shopped Gymboree for over 28 years (when they had actual stores) and there are way too many other options for me to shop that offer much better customer service. Adios Gymboree you lost a customer.
The one near me went out of business, but it always had great bargains. Clothes in many different sizes.
Its nice to see one store that hasnt changed. I never really shopped from there when i had my son but once i had my daughter i sure did. Especially now that shes 6, everytime i see a new collection of theirs its jus like take my money now! Their holiday collections get me the most, this past xmas i hit that store hard haha. Such cute collections
If your kids are not kids anymore 😜🤣Do you still make them on Easter Basket ? 🐰 Gymboree
Why are you closing 😭!?
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What is yoyr favorite thing to buy here?
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