Guild Wars 2 Video Game


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Guild Wars 2 Video Game
Guild Wars 2 Video Game
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  • "I have not played in a while and have not had a chance to see new content, due to real life work, but I definitely recommend you at least check it out!" in 9 reviews
  • "In terms of a story line I feel it is not as good as Guild Wars 1 however, the dynamic open world and events make for a very enjoyable game." in 6 reviews
  • "I really enjoy the improvements to the game since GW1 and especially enjoy the story variations that were not available in GW1." in 5 reviews
  • "Ok so for years my husband and I have played EQ1 EQ2 and WoW but with a family of five and our kids older we were mounting monthly subscriptions 60.00 a month so wen we heard about guild wars 2 coming out we started looking into and have to say we and the kids love it." in 5 reviews
  • "Real nice MMO, people seem to be friendly & helpful plus no monthly fee - buy the download and then you are in the game!" in 5 reviews
Nikki H.
Columbus, GA
43 reviews
Looking for a friendly community then GW2 is the game for you. Looking for a casual mmo that you can still have a family and friends and not feel like you are missing out? Yep GW2 can offer you that as well. Overall GW2 is a well polished game and they have one of the best companies handling their customer relations(ArenaNet) so they actually listen to complaints and change accordingly. That being said in the last year they have added raids which is good and bad it is good for people beggingg for end game content but bad since previously GW2 was a game that you could rave was very casual. As long as you do not feel that end game drive you will enjoy GW2. It is very cash shop heavy with costumes but you do not have to spend a single cent to have everything in the game you can buy it all by converting in game gold to gems. The have some fantastic costumes, a lot of classes and a very good amount of dynamic events across all maps. In fact their world exploration is one of the best for an MMO. I play a ton of MMOs and have for more than 15 years and I would still hands down recommend GW2 to anyone that needs something casual friendly. Sometimes I do get bored with GW2 but I just take a break for a few months and when I come back I am right back to playing like I never left because the game is that casual friendly! People are always willing to help and there is a ton of stuff you can do from running dungeons, farming money, playing dress-up, playing instruments or just afk-ing in town. Also their holiday events are spectacular and I cannot wait for the Halloween one right around the corner!
Stephanie C.
Owens X Rds, AL
90 reviews
I can't believe I'm saying this; I have found my World of Warcraft killer. As a college student, mother, and wife I cannot continue to pay WoW's $15 a month to play a game that While I LOVE I just don't have time for. Guild Wars 2 is a buy and play. You buy the game and it's expansions and that's it, poof, it's all yours! The community for this MMORPG is fantastic, I have not met a single mean or rude player yet. The graphics are top notch and my 5 year old gaming computer plays it perfectly. I can't wait to continue to play this amazing game!
Tabitha S.
Evansville, IN
18 reviews

10 out of 10
Posted on:4/29/12

Indiana, PA
This game is perfect for: hardcore gamers
My experience with closed beta and first weekend beta event. First off GW2 is by far the prettiest game to date. The visuals are worth the price of admission alone. GW2 aims to be different, and it is. It successfully tosses the tank/healer/dps structure away (not saying some classes can do better in certain areas then others). Each class has at least one sufficent self heal, the ability to dodge attacks, and you can equip many abilities that migitate damge, evade, or crowd control. Your action bars allows for 5 weapon based attacks, 1 self heal, 3 class abilities, 1 hero ability. Weapon abilites are determined by weapon and class, so a Thief wielding a dagger is different then a Ranger with a dagger. You can have 2 active weapon sets to swap. This bring a total of 10 weapon abilities you have access to at once. Each ability is unique, and requires much skill to master. As far as heals and class abilities go you can set your bar up for many different abilities you purchase with skill points. You can create and manage your class any way you like, creating different roles for yourself, or just changing up the playstyle of the class. Each race has a storyline quest, and in every zone you are giving X number of people to help, POI to find, waypoints to unlock, and skill points to gather. Exp points earn scale with your level so just because the zone is level 1-17 doesn't mean if your level 30 you can not benefit for the rewards. Leveling never feels like grinding, quests never feel boring. Cutscene are fully voiced, and interesting. GW2 has a lot of focus on random grouping. If you see a fellow traveler working on the same progess you are, you do not have to invite him/her just simply help kill, and complete. World events happen often, gathering a lot of players around to complete. These can range in difficulty and are normally extremely rewarding. The trade market is amazing. You have a standard AH setup with a few tweaks. Players can place buy orders and other can sell directly to the players for instant rewards, or you can up the price and wait on bids. PvP is unique in that every class in PvP is level 80, you set up your weapons and your skills and go to town in the battlefield. Once you are 80 you can equip and further manage your player. The battlefields are designed very well, and can yield the most satisfying pvp in any mmo. The is also World pvp in which another world (server) will invade. This can occur with 3 worlds all in one battlefield with an insanely large amount of players. My advice to anyone think about this game is to preorder right now. Get the early access and access to the beta weekend events. If you ever played an MMO, or you are a RPG fan you will love this game. I have been in the MMO scene for many many years now. I am 100% this game will dethrone WoW, change the MMO and the RPG genre for many years to come. Guild Wars 2 has set the stardard extremely high, and it will be hard to not find an enjoyable time here.
Jennie T.
Portland, OR
24 reviews
I play this game with my friends and even my 58y/o mom! I'm a bit of a mmorpg pro, and I've learned a few things from my mom's perspective since she began playing. If you're new to mmos, there is a bit of a learning curve. It will take you a while to learn how to use your skills, different weapons, combos and to understand stats and upgrades. Don't get frustrated, because you will fall in love with this game. It is free to play, no subscription fee. There is a cash shop (the gem store) BUT it is truly f2p because you can trade your in game gold --> gems and essentially get whatever you want out of the shop at no real world cost to you. The graphics are beautiful, the dungeons are fun whether you speed run or crawl through with friends... The in-game economy allows you to make quite a bit of gold buying, selling and holding off on your investments until a price jump. I love the amount of character customization you can do, and they are constantly adding new hair and face options to the makeover kits. The outfits and armors are probably my favorite part of the game. There is really something for everyone, and I've been playing for over a year now, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
Christina D.
42 reviews
I got this game late and I only purchased it because my guildies wanted me to. Maybe it was their insistence or maybe built up expectations but I just can't get fully invested in this game. I don't hate it, but it already feels like a chore to log in.

The character creation screen had issues with my widescreen monitor so it cut off the heads of the taller/larger races. Customization is not bad for how old this game is. It's definitely better than most Asian MMOs where you can only pick from premade faces and such.

The world is pretty and expansive and there is plenty to do but it all feels so very grindy even with the random events. Maybe because the feel of this game makes me think of WoW (which I hate). I may not be giving it a fair shot but I am so glad it is a buy once to play because I would never buy a sub to it. If I was pressured to log in everyday because of a monthly fee I would trash it immediately.

As negative as I sound though, I see why people genuinely love this game and come back to it regularly. It is put together well and the community (at least on the server I'm on) outshines many in other online games. When newbies have questions, I hardly ever see trolling and random players are more than willing to help each other out in world and in chat.

The game is cheap and they're working on an expansion so if you want to try it, you should. I may not looooove it but you might.
Lana Y.
Flushing, NY
8 reviews
Guild Wars 2 is a huge improve from Guild Wars because the developers really beefed up the gameplay such as by adding more dungeons, a trading post (finally no more WTB or WTS in map chat), real crafting professions, more playable races, and a new World v. World (Sever vs. Server) feature. That being said, there are a lot of problems with GW2 especially when it comes to end-game content. Essentially, it gets very repetitive and boring since you "grind" for gold end-game by doing the same activities (dungeons, farming, TP flipping) over and over again. When new content comes out every two weeks, people flock to it within those 2 days but then it loses its novelty after the 5th or 6th day. The new content is also weak and unpolished. ANet is trying to substitute the content for a real expansion, but a real true separate expansion is long overdue since the game has been out for over a year. Most importantly, while the game is called "Guild Wars", there is no real guild versus guild interaction within the game. You join a guild and you do guild exclusive activities among your guild mates, but there is no real meta inter-guild interactions which I think is a problem. I'm currently taking a break from the game right now, but might pick it up if I see new content that piques my interest.
Nate L.
New Orleans, LA
1 review
Guild wars 2 is one of those games that tries to redefine a genre of games. In this case it's the genre of online gaming. It's rival, WoW, hasn't been innovating lately and guild wars 2 tries to capitalize on that by introducing new features never seen before in online gaming. Players in this game are thrown together all in the same world, unlike the previous guild wars where you would have your own version of a map, when you leave town your friends or strangers can follow you. Another great thing about this game is that it isn't boring to level up. WoW requires level grinding, hours and hours of killing the same guys in order to gain levels. In guild wars 2 you go to different events which are all different, and actually have fun leveling up. The boring part of MMOs has been removed by Guild Wars 2.

Another obvious positive about this game is the absence of a monthly fee. You only pay the one time cost of buying the game and aren't required to pay monthly subscription fees to keep playing. This makes the game a great value. NCsoft will always be adding new content too which won't require any sort of purchase.

I'm glad that Guild Wars 2 was successfully able to do what it set out to do, which is redefine the world of online gaming.
Allison T.
Cincinnati, OH
233 reviews
This game was my entire life through college, I played every single day until I maxed out my character. Jumping puzzles were annoying but also the most fun part of the game. It's so fun to play if you have a group of people to play with. Plus it's free to play!
Kitty S.
Newark, OH
93 reviews
As I am such a fan of the first one, I had to get this one as soon as it was released. When I first started up the beta (way back when) I was apprehensive. But I shouldn't have been. While there have been changes from the first game. None of them have made the game unplayable as a solo game. The graphics are lovely and the quests can get repetitive at times but the big events shake things up and the outcome of them actually effects the world you're playing in. The checklist style system of exploring areas actually works very well (especially if you're OCD like me). As with its predecessor it is free to play. No monthly fees. You pay one time and can play to your hearts content. There are bonuses and such you can get in the game store if you want to invest more money but they aren't necessary to enjoy the game. Just a really well thought out game from all aspects.
Also! An expansion, Heart of Thorns, which adds new realms and a new character class was released at the end of October so there's tons of new content available for players old and new.
Angela Y.
West Jordan, UT
11 reviews
I started playing Guild Wars 2 in February of 2012, and I was highly impressed. I began playing Guild Wars, the original version, in 2005 and enjoyed GW quite a lot. However, back than, you only had one race and a level cap of 20. Now you have Human, Norn (my two favorites), Charr, Sylvari and Asura. The level cap is 80, so much better and both classes and professions are *wonderful.* My only dislike of this game is the fact that the quests become a bit repetitive and I've had issues getting into an actual PvP game. Outside of that, though, the graphics are brilliant, the story is wonderful and the role-play is fantastic. I love the armor, crafting and playing my Ranger and Necromancer. I love how easy starting a Guild is, I love the dye system and in-game store, and even the dailies are fun. Thank you, ArenaNet, for giving us yet another wonderful game!
Veronica E.
Pleasanton, CA
7 reviews
What's your favorite character race? Why?
Caitlin M.
San Diego, CA
15 reviews
Are there any expansion packs available?
Bethany V.
Port Richey, FL
10 reviews
No. They have events like 'Halloween' and 'Lost Shores' (November 16). You can't buy an expansion but you get new content for free.
Sonya P.
Sand Lake, MI
24 reviews
What's your favorite dungeon?
Donna M.
Kettering, OH
55 reviews
How do people feel about the new changes to WvW?

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