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Guerrero Taqueria Style Mini White Corn Tortillas

Guerrero Taqueria Style Mini White Corn Tortillas


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I love that more brands are coming out with the tiny tacos size tortillas! These are perfect for when I make my Al Pastor tacos at home. The 60 count is so nice as well finally don’t have to purchase multiple packages. The flavor and freshness of the Guerrero tortillas is also great. I will be buying more of these.
They are ok. The taste it’s not the best though; they break easily. I rather the coman tortillas.
Tortillas are a must for our mexican family. We only use the guerrero brand. We use it for enchiladas hard shell tacos rolled up or with meats or beans. Literally for everything. This ones dont hace a strong smell and we absolutely love them for some carne asada tacos at home.
Is this product vegan?
What do u like making with tortillas?
Ok, this may seem a bit weird to ask here but it does involve corn tortillas. Ok I have tried numerous times to make taquitos at home using corn tortillas and have failed every time. I've heated them up prior to rolling and followed very rule with corn tortillas and yet every time they crack and break. What am I doing wrong?!
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