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Free online ordering from restaurants near you! With more than 50000 restaurants in 500+ cities, food delivery or takeout is just a click away.

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  • "It's much faster then us trying to look up menus online when we are hungry and indecisive. " in 1 review
Mishayla H.
1 review
Consistent TERRIBLE delivery service. I have given this company chance after chance when it comes to my delivery and have been dissatisfied for the VERY last time. I will put in an order and be provided with a delivery time. About 10-20 min go by and my time has increased and then another 20 min go by and it has increased yet again. Now at the hour mark, the tracker claims my food is "STILL BEING PREPARED". I call the restaurant and was advised my food had been done over 30 min ago and they contacted GrubHub and a driver had yet to pick up my order. I contact customer support and they say "give me a moment as I look into it for you". The rep comes back to advise they are contacting "The Driver" to see how far they are away. While I am waiting, the restaurant calls me and apologizes  for the delay (which was not there fault AT ALL). So the GrubHub rep comes back and informs they have contacted the driver and my food will arrive in about 15 min. The driver comes in like 20-25 min and is so apologetic and informs she got the order 20 min ago to drop off. I told her what had gone on and she was so shocked but did explain that a lot of times the company will put a lot of orders on drivers that are closet to restaurants and some drivers get like 10 different orders that may be in far ranges from one another so it messes with the delivery time. All in all from the time I submitted my order to the time I received it was freaking 2hrs and 30 min. This same situation has happened every time, maybe not the 2 hr mark, but each time has been at least 1hr and 30-45 min. The chat service is more reliable than the delivery service in ref to response time an we pay for delivery. I recently issued a corporate complaint, because this is ridiculous. Trust me, if you have any other alternatives, I strongly advise you look into those options first or at least look at the reviews in the area in which you are requesting service first. Mishayla H, Norfolk, VA
1 review
So firstly, I don't normally feel motivated to write reviews.

Secondly, if I could give them zero stars and leave this review- I would.

I've been using Grubhub on and off for a couple years. My experience, up to 08/2018 has been pretty hit or miss.

But given my experience with them this month, I would rather crawl three miles on broken glass to pick up my food than order through their service again. 

I placed three orders with them in 08/2018. Of those three, I received one.

Order #1: I placed the order, and the estimated delivery time on the website remained static, while the delivery time on the app kept getting delayed...and delayed...and delayed. At about an hour after my initial delivery window, I contacted Grubhub's c/s, who told me they were "looking into it". I was told that they had contacted the driver who claimed that my food was on the way. My order ended up being delivered nearly two hours late. My food was cold and unappetising and my drink was basically water at that point. For my inconvenience they issued me a $10 credit. 

Order #2: I placed an order 50 minutes before a restaurant was scheduled to close. The delivery was scheduled to arrive after the restaurant's closing time. Once again, the delivery window in the app kept being shifter later...and later. I contacted c/s when the restaurant had closed, enquiring about the status of my order, since it didn't seem to be in transit. I was told they had not assigned a driver to my order...and apparently didn't see it fit to inform me of this or cancel my order once the restaurant had closed. I was left hungry and angry at 10pm...and it's not like I could go to pick up my own food. After some arguing, the c/s rep refunded my order and issued me a $15 credit. 

Order #3: I had nothing but bad feelings at this point, but decided to give them another shot and use the $15 credit I had. Result: same shit, different day. My delivery window continued to be moved further and further into the future (and again, only in the app. The website kept showing the original delivery window). Having had the past two orders' irritation, I contacted c/s to see if my order had been assigned a driver. No, it had not. Because apparently, there was a "huge influx of orders in my area" 3pm on a Friday. The rep claimed they were trying to assign a driver and then, five minutes later told me I "might as well cancel the order at this point". I did so, and voiced my displeasure about this incident *on top of* the last two screw-ups. The rep did not seem to care and issued me a $10 credit. He couldn't even be bothered to at least re-issue the $15 credit that I had used to place yet another failed order.

I'm basically done with Grubhub at this point. It is not worth the stress and hassle to *maybe* get some cold food (if you get food at all). Customer service seems to be under the impression that $10 is sufficient to motivate you to continue to use their terrible service. 

I'll be principally using UberEats and Doordash from now on, as I have not had any significant issues with these (other than the occasional website error with Doordash). That said, as I type this, my Doordash delivery is scheduled to be delivered a few minutes early. 

Tl;dr- Grubhub's service is beyond terrible. Don't use them if you value your sanity. 
Paul S.
1 review
1. Order delivery time kept getting delayed.

2. Finally called restaurant, the order had been sitting ready for pickup for 25 minutes

3. The driver, Raida, then marks the order as delivered before it even arrived to me.

4. The burger and fries were room temp. Not even warm. Not the restaurant's fault GrubHub kept pushing out the delivery window.

5. I first contacted customer service via chat with Omid. After explaining what happened, his only response was it arrived in the delivery window. He did not acknowledge that the delivery window kept getting pushed out by GrubHub, not the restaurant, and the dishonesty of the driver.

6. I then called Erickson, who was very courteous and offered to pass along the feedback and sent this coupon. Erickson was the only good part of my experience with GrubHub.

I will not use GrubHub and will recommend others to avoid as well.
Elizabeth P.
1 review
Allow me, if you will, to spin you a tale of woe, desperation, and a craving only the colonel could satisfy. A Wednesday evening like any other, home from work and time for dinner. What do I want? Chicken wings sound good. But no! There’s another form of the beloved poultry that can truly silence the grumbles from my stomach. God’s gift to man kind, fried chicken! Of course it has to be colonel! That secret blend of herbs and spices, so complex that it is most certainly crafted in a secret underground warehouse somewhere in Wisconsin. Much greater than the desire for chicken was my desire to not leave my home, because I am a modern-day twenty-something. To GrubHub I go! Order placed and shipped out! A happy tale this may seem, but guess again. When my order arrives I leap happily to the driver’s car. The magical chariot carrying my delicious meal, disguised as a white sedan. Alas! When I am handed my food the bag is sticky. This mysterious substance was discovered to be none other than the half gallon of sweet tea that I had also ordered. My chicken is drowning in tea! Everyone knows chickens can not swim in what is essentially liquid sugar while burdened by the weight of extra crispy breading. As I pride myself on being a rational person I told this bringer of soggy meats that I would be appeased if he went and returned my meal and brought me a new one. No harm, no foul. Off he went! I assumed to bring me a reasonably moist meal. But I was so very, very wrong. 20 minutes later I receive a call. My driver calling about complications with my order? No. A woman from Grub Hub headquarters calling to inform me that the driver had come to my door. I informed her that I was aware of his arrival and described the exchange that took place. She stated that a replacement order was not on the way. But why? I was truly crushed. It had been an hour since my order was first placed. I expected the taste of those delicious mashed potatoes and gravy within 30-40 minutes! This bringer of bad news informed me that she was sorry for the complication and that she would refund me the cost of my meal. Wow! What a service! I had only wanted my food replaced! Then, she informed me, I can use this refund to re-order the food that had been soiled with tea. But, why was my order not just replaced by the driver? I now must reorder the same food substances and wait an additional 30-40 minutes for another driver to fulfill this craving that I had been experiencing for over an hour! This did not appease me; I stated that this would not do! She placed me on a brief hold to phone my local KFC and see what could be done. She returned a minute later to repeat that she could only refund the meal so that I could replace the order. I insisted that there must be a flaw in their system if that is the best they can do. A coupon! A coupon would be sent to my email with a discount on my next order. She offered this sentiment with hopes that it would appease the hangry beast I had become. It did nothing to ease my sorrows and lack of chicken but I came to the realization that nothing could be done. I told her this would do and thanked her for her call. I waited for the email bearing my refund to arrive so that I may reorder my dinner. 15 minutes after ending the call I received my refund email. By this time I was standing at the register in my local Kentucky Fried Chicken and placing my order. I had grown less and less impressed with the customer service of Grub Hub and decided to retrieve my meal myself. The cashier was amused, yet not surprised by my retelling of this story as a text message came in: “Grubhub here! Tell us about your order from KFC.” I was not amused by this jest. I never received my coupon for a discount off my next order. And I shall save my refund for when I bravely decide to order from them again. Of course, not without a back up meal planned. The moral of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is don’t send someone to do something that you can do for yourself. Save yourself the delivery charge and tip. The colonel is worth it. You are worth it. 
Lisa W.
Atlanta , GA
35 reviews
The foodler/GrubHub merger has been a disaster! Foodler never had such problems. The GH customer service can be great when the numerous problems pop up, but this week, it just took a nose-dive. Items left off of orders, surly drivers, fighting with and through GH customer service to get corrections made, promises of refunds lagging when they hadn't previously, courtesy discounts to compensate this regular customer for the overall bad night of service promised but not made good on. Even when I called to follow-up, it still did not reflect the promised email evidencing the courtesy discount, on top of the meager refund for the kid's meal that had missing items. By the time I fought them and got the items and promised refund and discount, (the latter verbally) I was spent and lost my appetite. It was like I went hunting and prepared and cooked my own food, which is not the point of ordering this expensive food. This is becoming an abomination that will have me looking for another food service. Too many days of bad food and/or service, with this week being the absolute worst. If you make a promise GH, keep it! Don't? That is called bad faith or worse, just bad business. I need to cut you off like a bad ex.
Amal Traboulsi N.
1 review
Very BAD business practice from GrubHub! They do not deserve a star! They pretty much lied at me. This is my Order #60450542-4814074. I placed an order this evening 14 minutes before the restaurant stopped taking orders. My order went through and I was charged for it. 40 minutes later GrubHub called me and they said the restaurant had canceled my order because their kitchen was closed and I questioned that because I placed my order when the kitchen was opened. BTW the agent was so rude on the phone. she did not even apologize and hung up on me! Anyway, I called the restaurant and they told me that GrubHub had called their store and canceled my order! Grubhub just lied! GrubHub told them the customer wanted to cancel the order and the restaurant manager asked them why did the customer canceled and they replied that they did not understand why!! what a lie! I did not even ask them to cancel my order! and the funny thing that GrubHub called me 40 minutes later and said that the store had canceled my order because their kitchen was closed! They have ruined my Friday Night! We called the GrubHub's customer service and they weren't helpful at all. They started coming up with other stories and made the restaurant's manager look bad. What a horrible business practice. I definitely do not recommend GrubHub to anyone!
Merrit M.
30 reviews
I love the convenience of GrubHub, especially since I do not get to leave my office for lunch breaks. But I always run into issues. The drivers never pay attention to the directions given to them, and cannot seem to read address numbers on buildings. I always have a delay on my food which leaves it cold most of the time. The drivers have all been rude and orders are regularly mixed up. 
Lisa W.
1 review
We placed an order through GrubHub for the KFC on Crater Road in Petersburg, VA because it is so close to us.  Not only was our order more than a half-hour late, but it was also incorrect. Instead of the 2 Diet Pepsi drinks I ordered, we received 1 regular Sprite-type beverage, which was definitely not good for my diabetic husband. Our chicken was wrong, and our sides were wrong or missing as well. In addition, our dessert order was non-existent. The driver was useless as far as customer service, as were the customer service people to whom I spoke on the phone. They were to replace and redeliver my order, but then they sent an email message refusing to do so, claiming that a restaurant that closes at 10 p.m. was closed at 8:02 p.m. This was completely unacceptable, and the only way to have satisfactorily fixed it was to have delivered our original order promptly and correctly, which they refused to do. They had plenty of time to have fixed it during the whole time period of this experience, yet they refused and resorted to lying about it. The fault lies with both KFC and GrubHub, and both had absolutely horrible customer service.
Erika V.
2 reviews
Their order selections are alright. They have options from vegan to the finest of foods to your most delicious cheese steak sandwiches. However, when it comes to actual delivery time for the order, it takes up to 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If one item that you ordered was not available, you are not notified, it's just missing in your order. Forgotten items take an additional hour as well even if it is just a soda. If you are pressed for time on cooking and have to leave soon, this is NOT a go-to delivery service for you. If you have the time to wait on delivery, then you might actually be able to eat something delicious.
Jasmyne G.
13 reviews
Grubhub is a lifesaver. It's my go to as far as ordering food online. It lets me see all the different restaurants in my area I can order from. I can also schedule food deliveries for later in the day with many of the restaurants. I can search by my mood, or see what's open at the time as well.
Jessica L.
San Antonio, TX
70 reviews
Has anyone had problems with
Marquita S.
846 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 4
 Is Grubhub expensive?
Sydney Y.
40 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 1
Is this offered in shepherdsville Kentucky? Such a great idea

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