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Grreat Choice® Dog Pads size: 150 Count

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This product was very thin and small for Xlarge. I have 2 small Yorkies 5 and 7 lbs respectively. I have to put down 2-3 pads to contain their pee and nothing is containing the smell. Between the two of them they would hardly fill a half a cup much less 3 cups I would call this false advertising! My dogs 15 and 5 yrs old are both pad and outside trained and I have used pads for years without this problem. Your pads are not worth the money. I will go back to my more expensive brand that works. A Very Disappointed Customer! Lynda Pagel
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I had hoped this brand would live up to Top Paw due to it’s cheaper price, but unfortunately you get what you pay for here. It is very thin and pee often seeps through to the floor underneath it. It does nothing to contain the smell and our house would reek of pee. It did contain some of the mess, so I gave it 2 stars. There are several other brands that do a much better job.
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5 / 5
Best puppy pads I have found they hold a good amount of liquid are 23x24 and have 4 sticky corners if you choose to use them to secure them down better


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