89 Questions
Ashley C.
What was your experience with this?
Krista B.
Does Grow Gorgeous 2oz Hair Growth Serum really work?? I’d love to hear about others’ experience. :)
Jennifer B.
Does it provide hair growth ?
Samantha K.
Is this product good for a sensitive scalp? I tried Vegamour's serum and it made my scalp dry and gave me dandruff.
Lydia C.
How does this make you hair feel and does it make it greasy?
Chelley C.
Has anyone recorded the growth that this product was responsible for?
Mackenzie S.
How does this work?
Laurel S.
Does anyone have experience using this product or have suggestions for other hair growth products, even natural remedies?
Nicole T.
Hi? How quickly have you seen results with this product?
Glenda B.
Does anyone have proven results from this?