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Greyhound Bus

Greyhound Bus

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Greyhound Bus
Greyhound Bus
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  • "I have used brown multiple times in my life many destinations they do very well and I have enjoyed it and good customer service" in 9 reviews
  • "On more than one occasion their "amenties" didn't work, which can be highly inconvenient on a 5 hour bus trip, and they will try to take advantage of you if you attempt to purchase round trip tickets." in 6 reviews
  • "Greyhound is not always my preferred method of travel, simply because of the time of driving vs flying, but every time I do take a Greyhound it's been clean, comfortable, and a smooth ride. " in 5 reviews
  • "I have used Greyhound many times when I was younger and the trips always went smoothly..they tend to take a lot longer because of the stops but I'm glad the service is there when I may need it!" in 5 reviews
Shanna P.
136 reviews
Where do I even begin? This is going to be a long one so buckle up. In February I bought bus tickets to go see my dad for the 4th of July. My kid and I haven't seen my dad in person in almost 8 years. We were completely jazzed, cheap tickets to go see my dad who is essentially on the other side of the country from us. Things didn't work out, so we changed ticket times to another holiday time, Christmas. Was able to do that no problem, because I had bought my tickets to travel during a holiday time. These were flexible tickets, tickets that were easily changeable, easily refundable by their own statement on their website. Three weeks ago I got a phone call, they were no longer going to be servicing that schedule, I couldn't go to any of the surrounding towns because they didn't have stops either according to the person on the phone. I looked it up on their site, nope those stops were still there. So essentially my tickets had to be canceled. Not by me, but by them. Three weeks ago, I was told that I was going to get a refund. 7-14 business days. Still no refund. I have sat on the phone with them for the past 3 days trying to figure out where in the crud this refund is. I'm depending on it so that I can at least try to make up the Christmas to my kid who was jazzed about seeing her Grandpa for Christmas. Today was the breaking point, I got my credit card company involved. They are disputing the charges for us. A simple refund to my credit card. If I could give them less than 1 star I would. Their customer service doesn't know what the rest of the company is doing half the time. Constant talk of back end, and it was released. If it was released I would have had it by now. Did they get the cc number wrong? I would hope not because I repeated it several times, and even had them repeat it back to me. The only thing I can think of is that they don't want to give the refund back because it was a chunk of change (700). 

My family has traveled solely with Greyhound and Jefferson Lines for the past 40 years. In the past 10 it has all gone downhill in a hurry. They lose tickets that are supposed to be mailed out, they can't remember to do refunds, they cancel tickets without telling you. This is obscene. Greyhound has literally gone down the tube. I continually chose them because they were cheap, and I like road trips. Now I will be flying back home. It will cost twice as much but when the road trip to my dads would take 3 days driving versus 12 hours flying, I guess flying is going to be the best. 

In short - do not travel with Greyhound or Jefferson. You do not know what is going to happen to your ticket if you will even be able to travel with them or get a refund. They are not the company they used to be, and they are all about the dollar that they can make. Busses have been late, busses have been canceled, busses that don't even stop where they are supposed to. Save yourself the headache and just fly, or drive, hell walking might even be better than hoping that Greyhound will get you to where you need to be.
Katharine D.
1 review
My most recent experience with greyhound is an unfortunately
and absolutely avoidable one. Since purchasing a non-refundable ticket to meet
my family at a destination for Thanksgiving, the quality of life of a family
member fighting cancer has rapidly deteriorated to the point of being bed
ridden with excruciating pain, even after multiple treatments and surgeries. My
heartfelt and loving family collectively decided to go visit him instead of the
destination, as he can't travel and this may be the last time many of us sees
him alive. I contacted Greyhound and the automated phone system said to go to
my local station for fastest service, or mail in my ticket in asking for a
refund. At the local station they said I had to call a different number, and
mail my ticket. The phone representatives said the only thing I can do with my
non-refundable ticket is pay $20 to change the time. After much explanation and
speaking with her supervisor, the same thing was reiterated to me: that that is
my only option. My significant other tried on two other occasions and was given
the same info.


I am distraught and disgusted that in a time of emotional
upset from unforeseen family circumstances of the worst variety (family member
dying of cancer), Greyhound is doing absolutely NOTHING to help me out, other
than say I can PAY THEM more money to change the time of a trip that has
dissolved into nothing. And just to get to the point of speaking on the phone
with a representative was difficult and not straightforward. The folks at my
local station seemed to think I could get a refund, given my circumstances. No
customer should have to work so hard to contact the service department. I am
incredibly disappointed.


When I've taken greyhound in the past, my experience has
been 'ok', 2 to 3 star ok. I felt safe and the buses were decently clean. I
arrived at my destinations. The drivers were mostly friendly. On the negative
side, all the buses were late. I understand traffic and station dealings,
however the company gives you no indication of updated departure times.. at any
time, anywhere. It is a disorganized affair during transfers. With the signage
and info I had at hand, I still had to ask multiple people where to sit and
wait to catch the appropriate buses. The use of paper tickets, which you can
only print on one side, is dated and inconvenient for most passengers.


The company could do A LOT to increase ease of transport and
customer service. Such things would include, easier ways to contact live
customer service, being empathetic and accommodating to family emergencies, use
of electronic ticketing, and creating a greyhound bus application for real time
tracking, time estimates, and clear directions on how to locate each of your


After my latest dealings with Greyhound, I plan to seek out
any and all other means of travel. The cheaper price is just not worth the
extended travel times, lack of present day conveniences (time updates and
information), and inflexibility when extenuating family circumstances arise
(which, dear god I hope aren't often for anybody).
Aneta C.
1 review
My bus was supposed to leave at 11:30am from Richmond, VA, but did not BOARD until 8PM! We were not told why our bus was delayed more than 10 HOURS. All employees at the terminal were extremely rude. Nobody knew anything about our trip, or whether or not there is a driver for our bus at all. When I attempted to ask for updates at the front desk, the lady working there at the Richmond station told me to "SIT DOWN AND WAIT FOR ANNOUNCEMENT!". She was rude and not helpful at all. When I politely asked her for more information she said she will call security on me if I don't sit down and wait. At that point I was sitting for more than 7 hours waiting for my 11.30am bus. There were other buses from Richmond to NYC that left before us. To this day nobody informed me why the bus was delayed 10 hours. This is the worst experience I have ever had in my life. The departure time kept changing on the board, so I was not even able to leave the station to grab something to eat or order anything, because I didn't know what time we would board. The whole day it kept changing from 5pm to 2pm to 6pm to 1pm to 4pm to 7pm... Again and again. Also, I am a vegetarian, and the station does not offer ANY food that I could eat. I starved the whole day waiting for a driver that showed up at 8pm. I didn't get home until 3am (I was supposed to be back in Jersey around 6pm). Tired, disappointed, dehydrated and starved. I will never, ever take greyhound anywhere and I will make sure to spread the word about this horrible trip and awful customer service.
lakira k.
Minneapolis , MN
38 reviews
WORST GREYHOUND EXPERIENCE EVER !!! I WOULD NEVER TAKE THIS AGAIN . Usually service is okay , there had been problems in the past but none like this. Christmas morning I had booked 4 tickets to Chicago from Minnesota. When I got there they told me they didn’t have a bus driver and they didnt have a clue when the bus was going to be here and to come back at 6:40am when our ticket was for 1:00am. So we had to go through all these different numbers teling us that they didnt have a clue what was going on. The next day we got on our bus. They didnt compensate us for the inconvenience or anything. Then the people who work for them are so rude. I’m a 16 year old girl carrying a big suit case the driver made me put my own suit case under the bus. So when it was time for me to catch the bus back to Downtown was very late. Was supposed to come at 9:45 from 95th street to downtown. The bus didn’t get here until 10:20. Im on it right now. The bus people idk what to call her. Tried to tell us we had to take the city bus downtown if we wanted to make our next bus. And there weren’t any refunds for a bus that at that time never came. Now im waiting at the downtown station, was supposed to depart at 12:00pm it is not 12:37. This is ridiculous. This was so un professional. I am so pissed off with this service. I wouldn’t recommend the greyhound to anyone.
Damaa B.
46 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
Unfortunately I cannot recommend Greyhound as a safe and reliable mode of travel. I have experienced 3 horrible trips with this carrier. The latest trip was from Washington, DC to Philadelphia. The bus was close to an hour late with no apology from the driver or the company. In addition, Greyhound is overprices compared to much better carriers such as MegaBus. The quality of passengers on Greyhound is concerning and there is rampant drug use due to the lack of adequate security measures. My last trip also had 3 dogs on one of the dogs was a pitbull that the owner had trouble controlling. Greyhound should be your very last option for travel. There are much better carriers and your safety and peace of mind are worth it. 
Ting C.
1 review
Pathetic costumer service and time schedule. The driver and the service people’s attitude are extremely mean. Especially when they see you are just an Asian girl with non-perfect English, they will just ignore and make fun on you. My extremely terrible experience happened at Buffalo greyhound station. I was supposed to arrive Mississauga at 19:00 on 5th October. The bus should have depart Buffalo at 16:00. But the bus was full so they asked people to change the ticket to 18:40. So we waited for more than 2 and half hours. And they said the next bus would only go to Toronto. So they asked us to wait at Toronto for another hour to wait for the bus to Mississauga. The travel and the service of greyhound is the worst things and people I ever encountered in the world. I will arrive Mississauga at 23:00 and at then there will not be any public transportation there. They don’t care about your feelings and time at all. So when you are going to travel, never think about Greyhound as one of your option. It made me see how worst can the service be ever.
Abbey R.
Crescent City, CA
248 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
This is from my boyfriend’s experience but I’m rating this for him. So okay, the PRICE is okay.. but you will pay for that “price” in stress so much more than you think. A few times my boyfriend while traveling was late to his stops BECAUSE OF THE DRIVER.. had to pull money that he THANKFULLY had to get hotel rooms or he would have been left on the street from the drivers carelessness to bring him to his next bus in time.. (I was so pissed he didn’t get to come home that night I hate sleeping without him next to me)

He’s told me that there are a lot of drug users, people doing drugs on the bus, everything is nasty, the searches are awful, delays and transferring busses are bad, he said he seen a fat (excuse if this offends anyone) man with NO CLOTHES on the bus and the bus driver didn’t do a thing about this creepy guy taking all of his clothes off on the bus.

Put it this way.. I could go on.. but I will never step foot in one and I don’t want my boyfriend to either.

Nothing good to say besides they didn’t wreck and my boyfriend somehow survived.
Diana F.
San Gabriel , CA
23 reviews
Greyhound bus services are okay. They just take longer to get to your destination and cost a little more than driving, depending on where you are going with them. I have ridden a couple rides with them and so far my experinces have been medicore. although since they travel slow it made me miss a bus transfer and i was left at a greyound station. The employees are nice though.
Alex O.
1 review
Terrible service. I bought a ticket from Boston to New York. But the application on my phone, and on site of company did not specify that this trip is with a transfer. I saw that my travel with a transfer only after I opened tickets for printing. Customer service works equally disgusting. To solve this problem, I spent 5 hours. 5 hour's !!! They refused to return money for the ticket and other trips was not in good time fot me. It was the worst 5 hours of my life. Strongly do not advise to use this company.
Kendra G.
Ridgefield, CT
145 reviews
I mean it’s not terrible but not amazing. The bus definitely had a mix of people on it. My bus driver was very friendly and helpful and the bus was clean and had a charger. The WiFi was trash and that’s a shame since it’s included in the price. I was definitely glad I was on the bus with my boyfriend because a few places we stopped were a little sketchy so it was good to have him with me because unfortunately you never know
Tanya O.
90 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 3
What are the pros and cons of Greyhound?
cindy p.
Tulare , CA
162 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 3
Do these busses have wifi in them?
Demetre C.
Kettering, OH
58 reviews
Do you think their prices are fair?
Krishna M.
San Francisco, CA
54 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 3
Is it cheaper than amtrak?
rebecca B.
Lake Butler, FL
129 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 4
Does anyone take the bus anymore and if so are they reasonable priced now?

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