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Greyhound Bus

Greyhound Bus

BY GREYHOUND #4 in Bus Lines

3.3 out of 5 stars
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3.30 / 5 based on 578 Reviews

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Greyhound Bus
Greyhound Bus
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  • "I have used brown multiple times in my life many destinations they do very well and I have enjoyed it and good customer service" in 9 reviews
  • "On more than one occasion their "amenties" didn't work, which can be highly inconvenient on a 5 hour bus trip, and they will try to take advantage of you if you attempt to purchase round trip tickets." in 6 reviews
  • "Greyhound is not always my preferred method of travel, simply because of the time of driving vs flying, but every time I do take a Greyhound it's been clean, comfortable, and a smooth ride. " in 5 reviews
  • "I have used Greyhound many times when I was younger and the trips always went smoothly..they tend to take a lot longer because of the stops but I'm glad the service is there when I may need it!" in 5 reviews
lakira k.
Minneapolis , MN
38 reviews
WORST GREYHOUND EXPERIENCE EVER !!! I WOULD NEVER TAKE THIS AGAIN . Usually service is okay , there had been problems in the past but none like this. Christmas morning I had booked 4 tickets to Chicago from Minnesota. When I got there they told me they didn’t have a bus driver and they didnt have a clue when the bus was going to be here and to come back at 6:40am when our ticket was for 1:00am. So we had to go through all these different numbers teling us that they didnt have a clue what was going on. The next day we got on our bus. They didnt compensate us for the inconvenience or anything. Then the people who work for them are so rude. I’m a 16 year old girl carrying a big suit case the driver made me put my own suit case under the bus. So when it was time for me to catch the bus back to Downtown was very late. Was supposed to come at 9:45 from 95th street to downtown. The bus didn’t get here until 10:20. Im on it right now. The bus people idk what to call her. Tried to tell us we had to take the city bus downtown if we wanted to make our next bus. And there weren’t any refunds for a bus that at that time never came. Now im waiting at the downtown station, was supposed to depart at 12:00pm it is not 12:37. This is ridiculous. This was so un professional. I am so pissed off with this service. I wouldn’t recommend the greyhound to anyone.
Alisa S.
1 review




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I purchased
a ticket for my boyfriend to return to Omaha, NE from Medford,OR. There were
two options for tickets, however due to our plans, we picked the early
departure and early arrival option. The portion of the trip from Medford Oregon
to Sacramento CA was pretty decent, the only thing that happened was when my
boyfriend was using the restroom, the bus hit a bump, and he bumped into the
window in the restroom which flew wide open. He got the window shut and told
the bus driver who seemed unconcerned about the situation and did not stop to
make sure the window was secure. Sacramento to Reno Nevada was a pretty decent
ride. However, from Reno to Salt Lake City the ride was miserable. My boyfriend
is asthmatic, and there were multiple people smoking on the bus. The bus driver
was notified and still nothing was done to stop the smoking. This portion of
the trip was the overnight run, typically the driver is respectful of the
passengers and does not turn on the light and do long loud announcements,
however, that was not the case this time. Once they arrived in Salt Lake City
their bus was scheduled to leave at 7:30 am. However, they we're told there was
a slight delay with the bus. That slight delay turned out to be hours, with
them not boarding the bus until after 11:15 am. I contacted the Greyhound
customer service office, and they were less than helpful. They could not tell
me when the new time would be for arrival in Denver or if he would meet his
Denver connection. I was told to call back. When I called back, the
representative told me that the bus is scheduled to arrive in Denver at 9:27pm
which would mean that he would miss the 7:15 connection going to Omaha. She
advised that possibly one of their sister companies would have a bus coming
this way he could get on, however I would once again have to call back. When I
called back I was told a completely different arrival time as well as my
boyfriend was now in Portland OR (which he was not, he was somewhere in
Wyoming). I was also told that he would infact miss the connection and have to
stay over in Denver putting him on a bus the next day early in the morning,
however not getting into Omaha until 9:27 pm, which would not work for the
plans we had. The gentleman then transferred me to another guy to see about compensation
for the delay, at this point my only concern was trying to get my boyfriend
home so we did not miss our plans. The representative told me that if they
could not get a bus tonight and he had to stay over that the Denver station
would be able to put him up in a hotel for the 12 hour layover. When he arrived
to the Denver station, of course he missed his bus and asked about the room
that the representative had let me know would be available. He was told by the
Denver station he would need to stay in the mission. At this point he and I
were so upset, every representative we talked to said something else and it was
all turning into a complete lie. I ended driving the 7.5 hours to Denver to
pick him up so we did not have to miss our friends wedding. I have called
several times to file a formal complaint,band have been disconnected more than
6 times. I spent over 2 hours on hold, to finally get some one that started
filling the complaint only to tell me that I would need to call back in the
morning to see if they will be able to do any compensation. Since our ticket
was unrefundable, they we're not sure. During the two days of dealing with
customer service I asked to speak to a supervisor at least 10 times and was not
allowed to talk to the supervisor. This by far is the worst customer service I
have experienced ever. To tell a customer, that possibly they won't be
compensated because your company didn't preform the service promised is just
unreasonable. If the delay into Omaha was just a few hours we would have
understood, however for it to be 14 hours later is just crazy. We had to spend
another 300 for the trip to Denver plus the 218 we had already put out on this
ticket. This issue is still not resolved. We will definitely never use
Greyhound or refer anyone to use them. The drivers do not enforce the policies,
customer service is a joke, and they all act like they could care less that you
were inconvenienced. I'm not one to call and complain or ask for compensation,
however when you do such a horrible job I think it should be expected. I
definitely do not recommend Greyhound.

Katharine D.
1 review
My most recent experience with greyhound is an unfortunately
and absolutely avoidable one. Since purchasing a non-refundable ticket to meet
my family at a destination for Thanksgiving, the quality of life of a family
member fighting cancer has rapidly deteriorated to the point of being bed
ridden with excruciating pain, even after multiple treatments and surgeries. My
heartfelt and loving family collectively decided to go visit him instead of the
destination, as he can't travel and this may be the last time many of us sees
him alive. I contacted Greyhound and the automated phone system said to go to
my local station for fastest service, or mail in my ticket in asking for a
refund. At the local station they said I had to call a different number, and
mail my ticket. The phone representatives said the only thing I can do with my
non-refundable ticket is pay $20 to change the time. After much explanation and
speaking with her supervisor, the same thing was reiterated to me: that that is
my only option. My significant other tried on two other occasions and was given
the same info.


I am distraught and disgusted that in a time of emotional
upset from unforeseen family circumstances of the worst variety (family member
dying of cancer), Greyhound is doing absolutely NOTHING to help me out, other
than say I can PAY THEM more money to change the time of a trip that has
dissolved into nothing. And just to get to the point of speaking on the phone
with a representative was difficult and not straightforward. The folks at my
local station seemed to think I could get a refund, given my circumstances. No
customer should have to work so hard to contact the service department. I am
incredibly disappointed.


When I've taken greyhound in the past, my experience has
been 'ok', 2 to 3 star ok. I felt safe and the buses were decently clean. I
arrived at my destinations. The drivers were mostly friendly. On the negative
side, all the buses were late. I understand traffic and station dealings,
however the company gives you no indication of updated departure times.. at any
time, anywhere. It is a disorganized affair during transfers. With the signage
and info I had at hand, I still had to ask multiple people where to sit and
wait to catch the appropriate buses. The use of paper tickets, which you can
only print on one side, is dated and inconvenient for most passengers.


The company could do A LOT to increase ease of transport and
customer service. Such things would include, easier ways to contact live
customer service, being empathetic and accommodating to family emergencies, use
of electronic ticketing, and creating a greyhound bus application for real time
tracking, time estimates, and clear directions on how to locate each of your


After my latest dealings with Greyhound, I plan to seek out
any and all other means of travel. The cheaper price is just not worth the
extended travel times, lack of present day conveniences (time updates and
information), and inflexibility when extenuating family circumstances arise
(which, dear god I hope aren't often for anybody).
Damaa B.
45 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
Unfortunately I cannot recommend Greyhound as a safe and reliable mode of travel. I have experienced 3 horrible trips with this carrier. The latest trip was from Washington, DC to Philadelphia. The bus was close to an hour late with no apology from the driver or the company. In addition, Greyhound is overprices compared to much better carriers such as MegaBus. The quality of passengers on Greyhound is concerning and there is rampant drug use due to the lack of adequate security measures. My last trip also had 3 dogs on one bus...one of the dogs was a pitbull that the owner had trouble controlling. Greyhound should be your very last option for travel. There are much better carriers and your safety and peace of mind are worth it. 
Alexandra M.
1 review
I used Greyhound to get from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and the bus ended up being 4 hours late, while the entire time they didn't tell us how long it was going to be. Seeing as I had to get to Los Angeles by a certain time I decided just to take a rental car after waiting for two hours. I talked to the lady at the front desk before leaving and she said Greyhound would be able to give me a refund so I called them later and because of a "new policy" all they could give me was a $50 voucher to use their crappy service again within the next year. My ticket was $80 total. This is horrible customer service and I don't know what I'm going to do with this voucher because I never want to have to go through this again. 
1 review
Their refund policy is ridiculously stupid. Their only goal is to suck as much money from people as possible, which is especially horrible when you consider that the people opting to use Greyhound buses are most likely not wealthy and looking for a means of affordable transportation. I'm one of those people, a broke college student who doesn't have $100 to waste on a useless ticket.
I accidentally purchased a ticket online for $100 while attempting to check to see what the price would be if my sister were to buy a ticket. My card information was already saved on my online Greyhound account and I hadn't realized that Greyhound had apparently changed their online booking process and for some (probably greedy) reason decided not to include the step where purchase details are verified before confirming the purchase, which is something most online vendors have these days. I called customer service to see if I could get a refund. After being on hold for several minutes, I was told by one representative that I could receive a refund. He then forwarded me to another representative who spoke to me very condescendingly and rudely and told me that no, I couldn't receive a refund. Horrible customer service, horrible refund policy, and a horrible online booking process. 
Ravan A.
Pittsburgh, PA
388 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
Oh my god this is absolutely disgusting. It’s filthy, seats are usually torn up and destroyed and one time there was blood all over the bathroom door and floor in front of it and I had to sit in the seat next to it. I’ve never felt so close to catching hep c in my life and the food selection at the stops are disgusting.
Ashley S.
Lompoc, CA
338 reviews
I've taken Greyhound a few times last time being 2008. My favorite part was meeting new friendly people. I've taken the greyhound about 5 times but before the newer buses came out. Last time I took the greyhound there was talk of wifi and plugs at the chairs which would definitely make it a easier ride. The only thing I ever didn't like on a greyhound was the bathroom. Tickets were always cheap when I was younger and used it. The longest trip i've taken on a greyhound was 2 days. From central california to Dallas Texas. 
Anastasia H.
1 review
My husband and I took the bus on Aug 23 at 11 pm from Miami to Atlanta. The trip consisted of two parts: Miami - Orlando and Orlando-Atlanta with a two-hour-layover. The first part was not so bad but there was a huge line of people and eventually we had to sit separately. We had a long flight from Paris so it was really not pleasant to be separated from your spouse and thus neither of us could sleep. The bus was old, I didn't use the restroom at the back so can't comment on that. The female driver was fun but strict, there was a man who didn't speak English well and he was watching a video without earphones right after she told not to do so. She stopped the bus, came up right to him and said to him to shut the phone. It was extremely cold on board. The layover was okay. As for the next part, it was not nice. It was still cold but there were fewer people. However, the driver was very rude. There was a man who spoke only Spanish and his phone was ringing which disturbed the driver. He said to the man several times to turn the sounds off but the man didn't understand. So the driver stopped the bus, went to him and, after the man asked to speak Spanish, he said: No, No Spanish. I'm from America. You're in America. I'm going to speak English. Turn the sounds off! And then the wife of the man wanted to get off the bus but the Spanish man calmed her down and it was allright. But then there was another incident: at a stop, the driver said: we're going to stay here for 15 minutes, don't be late. And three men were late for half a minute. They ran up to the bus, and although the driver was waiting for turning left, he didn't let them in! That's crazy! I didn't tell anything to him because I was scared he was going to order me to stay there. I don't understand how this is possible: they are the customers! I wanted to report this directly to Greyhound Bus as it was clearly an abuse but they are unreachable per phone and there's no online form. The wi-fi was okay but not constant. Again, very cold. And I think it's too expensive. I travelled for $2 from Chicago to Indianapolis in March 2017 with Megabus, and it was much nicer.
Jeremy M.
1 review
Nasty Experiences with Greyhound:
Among my busy college finals schedule I had to prepare for an incredible internship coming up across the country! So, I started looking at travel options and considered Greyhound; it looked like a good option–I was wrong on that.
I purchased a round-trip "cash ticket" for  ~$205 from Milwaukee, WI to Asheville, NC about a month ahead of my travel date on 05/28/17. Unfortunately, I got caught up between tying up loose ends (college, moving, family, friends, luggage, etc.) before leaving for my internship and was unable to stop at a participating store to pay for my ticket ahead of my day of travel. Nonetheless, I still had reserved a cash ticket and I showed up to the Greyhound station on the day of my departure. 
When I got there, I was notified that I could not purchase my original round-trip ticket for the stated ~$205. Instead, I had to buy a one-way ticket for $203, WITH a military discount even! 
Furthermore, when I got done to Asheville finally, I contacted Greyhound about two weeks later. I insisted that I made a mistake and simply asked what they could do for me since, sometimes, life gets busy and mistakes happen. However, they wouldn't give me ANYTHING, nothing, nada. They made $100 off of a simple mistake. Most modern day businesses will often respect a mistake and at least meet a customer half way; Greyhound gave me nothing. They enjoyed cashing out on my misfortune.
Moving further, I don't know if I would even recommend the Greyhound experience for a $100 trip. Each station is very grungy. At all of the stations on the way down, there were a lot of panhandlers, people trying to sell sketchy products, and a general feeling of discomfort. 
In the end, you are much, much better off going somewhere else for your business. Pay the extra $100 for respect, comfort, and safety.
kaia m.
Tulare, CA
140 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 3
Do these busses have wifi in them?
Tanya O.
90 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 3
What are the pros and cons of Greyhound?
Demetre C.
Kettering, OH
58 reviews
Do you think their prices are fair?
Krishna M.
San Francisco, CA
54 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 3
Is it cheaper than amtrak?
Rebecca B.
Lake Butler, FL
130 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 4
Does anyone take the bus anymore and if so are they reasonable priced now?

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