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Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap

Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap


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Clean skincare what I use because I have so many allergies. This is a great soap for men & women! I have definitely gotten many of any gender into loving this soap. Good for acne, very soothing, natural and eco friendly. One of my top two soap bars. Helps irritation shaving the legs a little bit. Very earthy but I like it. Good natural scent for anyone.
Love that this product is eco friendly and sustainable. It’s hard to find good quality products without a high price. This is easily found on Amazon. I highly recommend this product. #ecofriendly #sustainable I am a homesteader in Oklahoma and appreciate any sustainable products, see us in YT at Paragon Ridge Ranch #ParagonRidgeRanch #homestead #OklahomaYouTuber #GoatFarm #Barndominium #gardening #DeerManagement #Fishing
I have oily skin... thats why i wash my face with [product:grandpas-wonder-pine-tar-soap]. If you don't have any allergies for pine or tar and if the smell doesn't frighten you, this may be a great soap for you.
Does this soap dry out the skin?
Never ever heard of this. What is this for. How you use this.
Never even heard of this. Where would you find this at?
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