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Grande Cosmetics Lash Primer
Grande Cosmetics

Grande Cosmetics Lash Primer


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This product is an underrated gem. The packaging feels very lux which is a nice touch, but this is one of the best mascara primers I’ve used. It genuinely makes my eyelashes look much longer than without it, and it sits nicely underneath my mascara. My mascara also flakes off significantly less while using this, otherwise I get raccoon eyes.
I bought this on a whim and I have mixed feelings about this one. It extends lashes, but makes them slightly weird - they look in different directions and become dry. If you’re looking for a voluminous look and don’t afraid of them sometimes looking like spider legs then buy it. Also removing is really hard! I double cleanse with oil cleanse as a first step, and even with oil which removes the most waterproof makeup it’s still very hard to take off. If you have sensitive skin you’ll probably need a dedicated eye makeup removal liquid for soaking that off.
This is it. If you want a primer to really lengthen your mascara no matter what mascara you are wearing this is it. I never use mascara without this or curling my eyelashes. I do not have long eyelashes at all and I get tons of compliments when I use this.
Does this really make a difference in growing lashes?
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Im looking for a lash serum to help my poor lash extension lashes grow since I’m not getting them anymore? TIA
Does this product really help? Will my eyelashes grow?
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