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I love this because it made my non-existent brows exist! I have sparse and thin brows prior to using grande brow. It is now included in my nightly skin routine.
I bought this a couple of weeks ago with high hopes since the lash serum worked so well. However, the light the weeks I’ve been consistently using this, applying at nights, I have seen no difference in my eyebrows. I expected my eyebrows to thicken, and maybe they have lengthened, but they look the same.
This stuff really works sparse eyebrows! I've been applying twice a day for a few weeks and already noticing results. I have thin eyebrows from over plucking and shaving and my eyebrows have been this way for 20 plus years. I've been wanting to focus on my eyebrows and eyelashes and the grande cosmetics brand has been wonderful! So glad I stocked up while they were on sale! The only downside is it is on the pricier side.
I love there lash serums, should i invest in the brow serum? I haven’t heard much about it.
What product have you had the best luck with for eyebrow hair growth? I have thin patchy eyebrows. I'm looking for a product that will stimulate hair growth in patchy areas. I've used Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW , which I feel helped, but it was too expensive for so little product to keep up with buying to get the full results. I'm currently using The Ordinary. Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density & it feels like it helps, but I'm looking to see if there is anything that might be more efficient! Thank you! 💘
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