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Graeter's Ice Cream

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I placed an order on 4/14/24. As of 4/26/24 i had not received an email or any contact as to the shipping status although the products were promised by 4/30/24. When i called to ask about the status of my order the women could not have been more rude as if i were bothering her. She actually said "you chose that shipment date" . Nope. Nobody wants their shipment delayed two weeks so i absolutely DID not choose that shipment date.! Friday evening 4/26/24 really rude jerk. Last order ever.
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Graeter’s ice cream is delicious, however there have been some times I’ve been disappointed after trying a new flavor. This strawberry cheesecake would be one of those times. If you are a huge cheesecake junkie, this flavor will not give you the fix you are looking for. This needs more flavor, and definitely added cheesecake chunks. I tasted plain strawberry ice cream throughout with a dash of cheesecake sprinkled with Graham crust.
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5 / 5
If you want great quality ice cream that uses top notch ingredients and is a local favorite, Graeter's ice cream should be your only choice! Their S'mores ice cream is SPOT ON with a true S'mores with the base being a creamy graham cracker ice cream. The Buckeye Blitz ice cream has the perfect combination/ ratio of chocolate and peanut butter. Do you and your taste buds a favor and ditch the other brands and get Graeter's!!!