Goody TangleFix Brush

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i sort of hate these. they are handy for when you’re on the go but mostly difficult to use and hold. they are hard to brush through your hair as well. i would recommend if you didn’t have another one or were travelling.
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I'm not sure who loves this more, me or my cat. No, seriously! I have a medium length pixie cut so brushes aren't always my thing unless I'm looking for a nice scalp massage. My cat has longer hair than I do and he kept stealing the thing!  I had to buy one to use on him, lest I keep finding mine hiding under furniture or in a corner and full of cat fur!  I hold it up at bedtime and he is right there grooming himself for an hour if I'd let him.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Leaves your hair so smooth and silky, i above love love love this product, it has changed my hair a long, I’ve also had a lot of growth while using this product, I’m very satisfied with the product and I’d love to get more